Sunday, January 24, 2016

When The Going Gets Tough - TD

It took quite some time for me to understand the better of the situation. What I was able to capture from the conversation is that, dad met with an accident. And thankfully, he is alive and is getting the treatment. Prakash uncle is right up there and looking after everything that is required.

I was in no state to continue with the interview at that time. But still, mom suggested me to seal this one and come straight to hospital.

“Mom, Listen, Interviews come and go. But I can’t keep myself away for another 4-6 hours from you and dad. Considering the kind of situation that we are into.” I tried to explain things like family is more important than an interview.

“No. Not again please. Prakash uncle suggested you to take up the interview. Till then, he said, he would manage things.” Mom sounded low for the entire conversation. She wanted to pass on the info to me. But, it’s not the right time.

I was left with no choice but to attend the rest of the interview. Like always, I was out in the final round.

A failed person that I am. Like always. And within no time, I rushed towards the hospital and have seen dad in a very terrible state.  Those hand and leg injuries pained me more than anything else.

Unlike the other days, Prakash uncle didn’t ask me anything regarding the interview I just failed to crack. He explained me quite a few technical tips on the medicines that are supposed to be used for my dad and the food diet suggested by doctor.

Dad got discharged from hospital the other day and have ended up paying some 10K for the emergency charges. Dad never wanted so much lot of money to be invested on him for any cause. But mom and I are having no one other than dad. He is our world.

It took him a week to get settled completely at home. Some portion of the single room that we stay is now allotted to dad so that he can rest without any trouble. He requires fresh air and thus he was given the first front part of the room which is so closely connected to the main door.

People from my colony who were friends with my dad kept visiting every day and provided their version of inputs on how to recover fast.

The more dad stays on the bed, the harder it gets for the family to survive. The little savings that we have made in the recent times quickly turned empty and we have no money left with us.

There must be some income generation and I have cursed myself for not being the right guy for a family that is constantly struggling.

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