Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Enigma So called Sekhar Kammula.

There are just 2 directors in Indian Telugu Cinema where one can directly get into theater to watch their movies irrespective of the cast that film contains. One of those 2 directors is none other than Sekhar Kammula with 100% Success Rate. 

 Starting with Dollar Dreams a Bilingual movie starring Anish Kurvilla in the lead role. Released in the year 2000 which no one actually knows about. After a 4 year long break he is up with "Anand"  a coffee kind of movie which attracted a wide category of audience to recognize his style in movie making. 

I still remember the day when the movie Anand released in very few theaters with just 6 prints all over the state (Hyderabad, Vizag and Vijayawada) I'm fortunate enough to be in Vijayawada that time. I made my way to the local theater to watch his 2nd movie and I didn't find anyone interested with the movie. It just resembled a time pass watch. I've no expectations on the movie either. Titles rolled and there are no whistles and claps for the lead and the director too. It's very unfortunate to see such happenings especially in Vijayawada where it's the bank for Movie collections. Majority of the theaters run full house even in week days. The source of entertainment is movie for the people living there. 

At the end of the movie titles scrolled yet again and I waited patiently to find the director's name who made it exceptionally well with new cast. The movie is just simple. 

In 2006 he is out with a chiller movie Titled "Godavari" with a bottom line "This summer is pretty cool". It's totally a beauty of nature. It took a massive ride in 2006 summer. 

Here comes the Biggest Blockbuster "Happy Days" in the year 2007 where he changed the true nature of Engineering. The number of colleges and students gradually went on top with the movie. He turned around the statistics in Indian Education System as well as Indian Film Industry. This movie went viral in overseas too. The number of colleges increased to offer Engineering and students showed a great enthusiasm in taking the course which is all because of Sekhar Kammula's magical one. 

Youth connected with this one and Sekhar is a brand Director with such huge victory. People started expecting a lot from his movies then on. 

Leader Starring Rana released in the year 2009 which is from a big banner "AVM Studios" he made an open statement on how Indian politics and system works. Many disagreed with his movie while someone like me agrees. Good attempt it was. With Micky J Meyer's background score it all went good for sekhar.

He is now up with his latest release "Life Is Beautiful" once again with a fresh batch making their appearances for the 1st time on Big Screen.

He conveys an aura of elegance and gentility in his movies.

The dialogs in his movies are way different from the rest. He is no mediocre director. He tries to experiment things. And that's what made him unique. This movie had some similarities with Happy Days. But the content  totally differs. Seeing Amala after 20 long years is exceptional. She is perfect in a mother's role. The Sentiment in the 2nd part of the movie worked out really well. Tears rolled in my eyes. Once again with Micky J Meyer around songs were just awesome. 

From Bottom lows to Terrific Highs: (Sekhar Kammula's Journey to Top)

Anand film was released with six prints in Hyderabad (3 prints), Vizag (1), Vijayawada (1) and Warangal (1). Godavari was released with 35 prints. Happy Days was released with 100 prints. Leader was released with 150. Life Is Beautiful - a Sekhar Kammula film is released with 300+ prints all over the world !!

was shot in 144 working days and the runtime is 2 hours and 46 minutes !!

Life is Indeed Beautiful with Sekhar Kammula movies. 


  1. Beautifully put! :)
    I have seen Sekhar sir's one of the interview recently.. when the host asked how proud are u for being a director? Sekhar sir answered, i'm proud not for being a director, i'm proud to be a Sekhar Kammula.. i loved the way he said, and yes, we are proud of him too :)

  2. Thank you :) And yes, his movies are way different from others. And I like all his movies to the core.


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