Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Consecutive Days @ SRM University

Almost done with 4 years of Graduation and never been to a workshop. I was pondering about what went wrong for not making it to any of the workshops that are organized in some Biggie Universities like SRM and VIT. I patted my back not to give up this opportunity which eventually came my way. I'm happy with my decision after all. The registration process went dramatically as I never expected myself to land at SRM finally replacing Yeshwanth (My Friend) at college who was actually supposed to attend.

I've been there at SRM many a times and it was all about 5-6 hours spending in the campus and getting back to home. This time the scenario was different as this workshop on "Developing Android and Blackberry Applications" is subjected to be a 3 day program and I'm excited about having some good time at one of the Top Universities in India.

The very first thought that flashed through my mind was I can make an interesting post once I end up my 3 day campaign. And I revised myself to make 3 posts on this workshop categorizing with Day1, Day2, and Day3. However, I felt that would certainly irk my readers and dropped down the idea. So All-in-all This will be the only post.

Here, I would like to justify why SRM is credited to be one of the Top Most University?!

The Infrastructure, Resources, Culture, Opportunities, Finally, Angels of the college.

The Arch of SRM University which leads to Main Block, Tech Park, Auditorium, Medical Hospital and a hell lot more. They have diversified the roads with some specific names. (I don't remember much.)

We had our Workshop at Tech Park Block which stands tall for 15 floors. And we are at 12th floor conference hall for 3 good days. It takes a 15min casual walk for anyone to get into Tech Park from the main entrance and we made it a little slow on the 1st day of our workshop just to make sure we had enough fun throughout.

Aerial view of the campus from 12th Floor. Tech Park.

By the time I reached the conference hall at 12th floor the participants almost got themselves involved into their laptops and giving their best to reach out the lecture. And soon we got settled at the last row which made us feel comfortable just below the Air-conditioner. It felt good after such a hectic journey. I started looking into my laptop and started downloading all the tools that are required for the Application to run. And I'm Trying Trying Trying and the Wi-Fi at SRM campus is not that good to download at a constant speed. It took half a day to install the software. Fortunately by the time I completed downloading the tools It's time for lunch. And we were all set to go for the lunch @ 4th floor. A little excited on how the food arrangements were made but the disappointment was just around the corner. They served us a meal packs which hardly contains 3-4 liquids and a piece of pulka which tasted ok. But the best part of lunch session was we were allowed to take "n" number of  papads placed in a huge cover just by the side. We 4 are good at utilizing the opportunities and we had it all until our bellies were full.

We then had our self organized campus tour in search of some entertainment and walked through SRM Medical hospital and Auditorium and then back to tech park. Jumped on to our respective seats and started following up. It's really hard to cover-up our snooze once after having a meal. However, we don't want those 1000 bucks invested to go in vain. The support staff for the workshop were decent and kind. They helped us a long way. Finally they call it a day with a test for fun Tab which will be awarded to the best performer for the 3 days. (I've no hopes resting on it anymore. We are way out of that league)

The Final day started on a high node. I was totally dumbstruck to see a full packed hall where my place for the last 2 days were occupied by a group of students from so-and-so college. Whatsoever I found my crew at the last corner seats of the hall and made my way towards them and soon got settled. The first session almost passed just like the last 2 days and nothing going great as far as developing application are concerned. The morning session is a shorter one compared to the 2nd session and by the time it beats 12:30 we were allowed for lunch. We set our laptops right on the desks and got down to 4th floor expecting a big treat for the final day. Yay! Fortunately they changed the menu. Its all like a north Indian Thali where they served 4 pulkas, Veg Biriyani, with Raitha, Paneer Butter Masala and two other unknown stuffs to me. But I liked them to some extent. 

After lunch we are asked to attend one final test so that they can fix the winner with the marks scored in the 3 tests. I haven't done anything for the last 2 days except enjoying the beauty of the campus and its time I need to make a move on. Started following the Blog they provided as a reference for the development of Android applications and soon switched into the procedures and steps and made it easy by performing multiple tasks. Finally I've simulated the application in quick time. Kinda satisfaction at the end. 

And Finally the Inevitable Photo Session: 

 From left to right --> Manoj ( Upcoming Actor), Mr. Suresh Babu (Asst. Professor), Mr. Hari Haran (Cape Institute of Technology), Finally It's me at the corner. ;) 

The Girl visibly seen in the above pic who is at the corner responding to a guy is the one from North. I ended up by exchanging a few words with her. She is so sweet to talk. Girls have the kind of tendency to impress hard core guys.

At the end of the day they issued us the certificates and probably I'm the only one to receive the kit after whole 3 days and I collected my Transcend Pen drive of 8 GB which is a sealed pack where as every one were given unsealed pack. :D 

The album that repeatedly played in my ipod was the two old tracks from Akon. 

1. Angel.

2. Akon's Sexy Chick (Official)

SRM School of Architecture:

 That's a Blur. Almost It rained for sometime. Enjoyed!!


 If you wish to post your opinion do comment via Gmail. Your comments are most welcomed! :)  


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