Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Call to budding Author's by Preeti Shenoy

Try, try and try again. Do not give up. Take the challenge head on and if you really want to be an author then do not give up. Write as much as possible each day. Each time you write it will help you improve and develop your personal style. Read a lot. Devour books and try and see different styles of writers. This will make you aware of different writing styles and help you build your own personal style.

Do what you believe is right and because you are passionate about it. You may encounter some failures while taking this path. Take that in your stride and put in more effort. Things will work out. Have hope!

Most full length novels have a minimum of 60,000 words.

This is how it is classified :

500-1,000 words - Flash story
1,000-10,000 words - Short story
10,000-40,000 - Novella
40,000-60,000 - Novelette or "Novel Lite"
60,000 and up - Novel

Preeti Shenoy: 

My day started with the above lines from my source of Inspiration. I really enjoy reading books. And I can't hide my excitement of sharing my views on the authors I admire to the core. They are in my thoughts all time.

It's not that olden days where I find myself settling before my desktop and play some crazy games when ever and where ever I find some free time. Now that it all changed with time and I get drowned into my stock of books and select the recently purchased one and start reading it a little loud just to make my self involved. I really like it while sounding those words. Where I get into a new world as the characters are hardly known to me. I relate it to myself and enjoy it all the way.

The most awkward situation comes when people around finds you laughing at your own for no reason. It happened to me a couple of times at local suburban's of Chennai where I got stuck with a crazy conversation in the book I'm reading as I started laughing as if someone is tickling me. (Not too often It happens.)

After all, It's a new dimension in my life and I'm living in it completely. All I wish to see is improvement as it get progressed. I know it takes time and I look for it patiently. 

To know more about Preeti Shenoy here are the books by her.

1. 34 Bubble gums and Candies.

2. Life Is What You Make It.

3. Tea for Two and a piece of Cake.

All the above 3 are Run away National Best Sellers.

You can follow here on Twitter, Facebook and Blogger. She is kind enough to reply all time.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Enigma So called Sekhar Kammula.

There are just 2 directors in Indian Telugu Cinema where one can directly get into theater to watch their movies irrespective of the cast that film contains. One of those 2 directors is none other than Sekhar Kammula with 100% Success Rate. 

 Starting with Dollar Dreams a Bilingual movie starring Anish Kurvilla in the lead role. Released in the year 2000 which no one actually knows about. After a 4 year long break he is up with "Anand"  a coffee kind of movie which attracted a wide category of audience to recognize his style in movie making. 

I still remember the day when the movie Anand released in very few theaters with just 6 prints all over the state (Hyderabad, Vizag and Vijayawada) I'm fortunate enough to be in Vijayawada that time. I made my way to the local theater to watch his 2nd movie and I didn't find anyone interested with the movie. It just resembled a time pass watch. I've no expectations on the movie either. Titles rolled and there are no whistles and claps for the lead and the director too. It's very unfortunate to see such happenings especially in Vijayawada where it's the bank for Movie collections. Majority of the theaters run full house even in week days. The source of entertainment is movie for the people living there. 

At the end of the movie titles scrolled yet again and I waited patiently to find the director's name who made it exceptionally well with new cast. The movie is just simple. 

In 2006 he is out with a chiller movie Titled "Godavari" with a bottom line "This summer is pretty cool". It's totally a beauty of nature. It took a massive ride in 2006 summer. 

Here comes the Biggest Blockbuster "Happy Days" in the year 2007 where he changed the true nature of Engineering. The number of colleges and students gradually went on top with the movie. He turned around the statistics in Indian Education System as well as Indian Film Industry. This movie went viral in overseas too. The number of colleges increased to offer Engineering and students showed a great enthusiasm in taking the course which is all because of Sekhar Kammula's magical one. 

Youth connected with this one and Sekhar is a brand Director with such huge victory. People started expecting a lot from his movies then on. 

Leader Starring Rana released in the year 2009 which is from a big banner "AVM Studios" he made an open statement on how Indian politics and system works. Many disagreed with his movie while someone like me agrees. Good attempt it was. With Micky J Meyer's background score it all went good for sekhar.

He is now up with his latest release "Life Is Beautiful" once again with a fresh batch making their appearances for the 1st time on Big Screen.

He conveys an aura of elegance and gentility in his movies.

The dialogs in his movies are way different from the rest. He is no mediocre director. He tries to experiment things. And that's what made him unique. This movie had some similarities with Happy Days. But the content  totally differs. Seeing Amala after 20 long years is exceptional. She is perfect in a mother's role. The Sentiment in the 2nd part of the movie worked out really well. Tears rolled in my eyes. Once again with Micky J Meyer around songs were just awesome. 

From Bottom lows to Terrific Highs: (Sekhar Kammula's Journey to Top)

Anand film was released with six prints in Hyderabad (3 prints), Vizag (1), Vijayawada (1) and Warangal (1). Godavari was released with 35 prints. Happy Days was released with 100 prints. Leader was released with 150. Life Is Beautiful - a Sekhar Kammula film is released with 300+ prints all over the world !!

was shot in 144 working days and the runtime is 2 hours and 46 minutes !!

Life is Indeed Beautiful with Sekhar Kammula movies. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

U19 Champions of The World.

India the Under 19 cricket world cup champions 2012. It's the 3rd time they are lifting the crown. After Kaif and Virat routed the team into winning ways in the years 2000 and 2008 respectively.  I still wonder Cricket is a crazy game in a crazy nation. Forget about the National game hockey. They win and lose. No one really cares about it. Matter of the fact is hockey is highly influenced by politics and maintained by government while Cricket is considered as a total private body.  Thanks to BCCI they do good sometimes.

Under 19 is something which is not a bid deal in watching because there will be no recognized players. Fresh and Young guys  play with the hopes of settling in National team. And all national players in Indian team are in U19's once upon a time. They all made it to national team with great hopes but, Some stayed and some vanished. Consistency matters a lot in such a pressure hyped game.

Virat Kohli came into light after leading the Indian U19 team to win 2nd world cup title with a lot patience that he showed on-field. He then seized an opportunity in the National side and started off his career with some blistering match winning knocks and yet maintaining his prime for the last 2 years averaging more than 50.

And now, I see a similar kind of guy named "Unmukt Chand" who led Indian boys to win 3rd world cup title. However, It makes even more special by winning the Final against defending champions Australia on their home turf. Nothing else can get bigger than this. An absolute proud moment for Indians. As winning overseas is never that easy. Yet, U19 boys did fantastic job at the end. They adapted to the conditions, Bowled with perfect line and length, Fielded well, and contributed their part when it mattered. It's an overall team effort.

The Captain Unmukt Chand had a lot resemblances with Virat Kohli starting with the kind of mannerisms to stroke shots.He looked completely charged up with much needed ton on big Final.

 I wish these guys all the very best :) 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Preceptor's Day

Note: Post was supposed to be published on Sep 5th. Due to some lazy reasons It has been delayed and came on to track after 4 days. My Apologies.

As we all know that September 5th is celebrated as preceptor's day I felt like dedicating something to my teachers who taught me for 19 years. So, let me start up with some very famous quotes by Sarvepalli Radha Krishna.

 1. Reading a book gives us the habit of solitary reflection and true enjoyment.  

 2. The end-product of education should be a free creative man, who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of nature.

 3. Age or youth is not a matter of chronology. We are as young or as old as we teel. What we think about ourselves is what matters. 

 Teacher plays an integral part in every individual's success as well as failures. He is so called as second Father who teaches you what's good and what's not. The best feeling a teacher gets is when his teaching goes worthy. And here are some few excerpts from my school days and college days.

It's well known fact that, the quicker you learn the better you can comprehend. Confused?? I may not be so sure. Anyway let me put it this way. As the age progresses the learning ability in humans drops down gradually. So, my parents joined me in to school an year before so that I can learn much better. Hahaha. They went wrong. :P I'm not that good at learning. I don't remember my first teacher who taught me alphabets but I'm very much thankful to her. (I know she must be a lady teacher for sure) And being in school is always something I like to take it as it comes. The first fears on a teacher started with my Maths teacher who wanted me to do maths really well and she is very particular in making me learn at least 15 tables which is an impossible task to me that time. And even now :P somehow at that time I wish I could escape her class. But not every time it happens. My first school "SVBK" @ Guntur. Is the best school I ever studied at. First friends and the best friends.

After which I moved to RBPS @ Vijayawada. It welcomed me with a warm smile knowing that I'm from SVBK Guntur.  Sometimes the standard of the school name gets you attention. And It's just a passing cloud unless you prove your worth. I do believe that change of surroundings makes you refreshed and throws a challenge at you. You are totally out of your comfort zone and supposed to make your own identity. And that worked really well for me during class 9 and 10.

Santosh Kumar who handled physics for me those days is the man who shaped me in a different way. We just had a few sittings and worked out on what has to be done to shape me in a perfect way. As he motivated me throughout and showed me a path to lead a good life.I ll be thankful to him all the time.

Here is the man:

Not only Teacher's makes us learn. Friends and society do make us educated. Chennai being the best city I ever lived in. It taught me everything. What a win means and where a lose can lead you, and a lot more. Thanks for the City. You've been fantastic for the last 3 years. 

There are a few teacher's guided me in a right way and a few criticized me for not being attentive at times. To the core I respect them. All they wish is a students better life. You people made my life. 

Finally I wish all my teacher's a very happy Teacher's day. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

If It's not Forever. It's Not Love.

If you die tomorrow, what would your last words be??


It's just another afternoon in Deb's life, when a powerful blast rips across the heart of Delhi- Chandni Chowk. He is unhurt, but emotionally scared. Haunted by the blast for many days, he seeks redemption. One day, while wandering near the blast site, he finds a half-burnt diary, written by someone who died on that fateful day. The burnt dairy entrusts Deb with a strange responsibility- The last words of a dead man.

Shrey, his best buddy since college, and Avantika, his girlfriend, unknowingly join him on his road trip, as he tries to put together the pieces of the dead guy's intriguing story. 

Where will the dairy take them?? And how would it affect their lives?

The above is the description of the book. I wanted to showcase the description just because it drags the attention of the readers. It's one of the National Best Sellers in the recent times. But, I still wanted to promote this book for everyone I know. In that case Grapevine India is not going to pay me for the promotions of the book ;) :P 

Well It's all in all Romantic work by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh. My first read from Grapevine India Publishers. And I loved it all the way. It sealed a top berth comfortably with some great wordings I ever read. Kudos to the duo as they made a lot sense with their writings. 

The lead roles are Deb, Avantika, Shrey and Tiya. The dairy takes them into another world of love where some new characters comes in and they are Ritam Dey (RD), Ragini, Nigel, Piyush, Sumi, and Niveditha. 

Deb finds the diary interesting and realizes the importance of a dead man's last words and wanted to make his loved one know this. So he starts his journey to meet the dead guy's girl. Initially he had nothing to do except the name RD. He had to break all the codes to get to Ragani.  Deb and Shrey starts with a causal tour and then followed by Avantika, and Tiya. They make it a long drive by staying at small motels and have enough romance when they get bored. Nothing comes easy their way. They have had struggled at times. 

In the course of their journey they meet Piyush, Sumi, Nigel and Niveditha before they meet Ritam at Ragini's place. Where the story takes a U-turn. 

Finally last 30 pages will be on a high node with some unexpected happenings. Leaving these 4 in utter surprise. You can feel the excitement when you read the first 200 pages. 

Deb and Avantika, Shrey and Tiya, Ritam and Ragini. The best pairs in the story. Love is the bottom line. 

The most interesting part of this book is the kind of fun Shrey and Tiya makes which includes the make out at balcony which leads them to land in a trouble. While Deb and Avantika chips in to rescue them every time. 

 And I realized the fact that. If you love someone you better post your feelings to them. Because who knows what tomorrow has in stock for you?? 

The Cover photo of If It's not Forever. 

This one will be never interesting unless you get involved. It took me over a week to complete this book. I have had my troubles in reading this one. I went too personally with this book. Which led me to hate this at times when I started reading. But now I'm in love with the book and the characters involved in it. Roaring to get all the books of DD and Nikita Singh. I ll carry this on my backpack where ever I go.

It's a total entertainer. 

And I rate it 4.5/5 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Last Night Dream

“I dreamed about her last night” She is goddamn pretty, beautiful as well as sexy too. Actually I’m not that good at writing romantic lines just because It’s totally a new platform where I need to master later on. But However I take a burl and pen down what my mind says.

 And Voila!!

I do dream a lot from childhood but the last two dreams are never ever the same compared to the rest. It left me into a strange dilemma on why it happened? And how come it happened. Somehow to be frank I liked those two dreams particularly to some extent. The first romantic dream ever I had experienced.

The first dream was just 2 days before yesterday. And all of a sudden when I got up from my bed it felt a bit heavy with the dream. And soon realized that you are the one came who into my dream. :D  

 Let me elaborate it how that started.

I was in an auditorium when I started recording my dream and I have to give out a speech on something nonsense (I don’t remember). And I felt strangely bored with the surroundings. Suddenly I saw you there. And I recognize both of us in a hall where there is a huge bean bag which can Accommodate two. And soon we settled in. Believe or not we were just kissing each other. Just kissing. And I can say lip lock for quite sometime. we are just taking time to count the total number of mins we involved in kissing. After which you suddenly disappeared. 

Can't get better than this ;) 

 My 2nd Dream :

My friend started interrogating me whether did I watch any romantic movies before the night when I got my first dream. The Answer is a simple “No”. It’s been so long since I watched TV properly and not even books I’m involved in. And Still I find it strange to get a dream of this kind which is full packed romance. I used to get dreams on Blogger and Blog posts earlier. Leaving all those aside. I want to get into the 2nd dream.

This time you are at my abode at the night. We are talking about a movie. Surprisingly we stared at each other and felt like doing the same what we have done the other night. Repeating the same process. Kissing. Way better than the last night. I don’t know but wanted to say the desires for something. It’s just kissing happened for the last 2 nights. And I felt like a macho and enjoyed it to the peaks. No guy can lose a girl like you. You are amazing I can say. You resemble a lot with Avantika in “If It’s not Forever” and Annanya Swaminathan in “Two States”. The Two characters I truly loved so far.

This is what happened. And it’s a fiction work. I felt like saying this to you but had fears on how you take it. I can’t take the extreme step of losing you. So, I love you :) 

I hope you are ok? Anger on heels? Going to sue me? Huh! Please don’t do that.

Finally, I made it into the R- Fiction scene. Thanks to my dear [--------]  for letting me write this. 

And glad you liked it :)