Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How I braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company

Don't Worry...I'll make sure Varun is back on track. Anu Aunty sounded determined. Her Large Red Bindi and fiery orange sari set the room ablaze. I broke out in a cold sweat. 

Twenty-something Varun is in a fix. he shuns the corporate rat race and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Armed with an unwanted engineering degree, his hours are filled with friends, pub-hopping, and 'Stalking' the girl he loves on Facebook. 

But when the formidable Anu Aunty enter his life, his languorous existence spirals out of control. She tries steering the course of Varun's destiny by scheming to bring him on 'track'. His mother turns on the Bollywood histrionics and drags him to a counsellor. Feeling cornered, Varun hatches a strategy to hoodwink the canny aunty at her own game. But as the chase heats up, who will have the last word.?! Will Anu Aunty thwart his plans to found a million dollar company?! Or will he succeed?! Along the way, Varun learns his best business lessons from kitty parties and the ubiquitous aunty.

What Varooon, Still Sleeping at this Time?! Anu Aunty was at her very best to peep into poo's internal affairs. At the other end Varun was experiencing the worst phase in his life. Its quite common for an Engineer to be at home even after completing his Graduation. He was an absolute "LOSER" as far as her mother and Anu Aunty is concerned. More than that they find him confused. No proper idea on what to do next. While Anu Aunty's only son Arjun was at his peaks working as a Techie for a Multi National Company and draws reasonable sum. The story revolves around how Varun overcome the challenges that he come across finding his own way while starting his own new Company.  

It was a wake up call for me too as I find myself completely in the character of Varun. Lets keep it aside for now and get into the content. The idea of Alma Mater started at Noon Wines. And what a way they had done this in months time. Starting up a company is never an easy job. And I'm no good at hinting you the guidelines to be followed starting a company. It's all there in the book. 

Hoodies?! Basically I love them. But I have no idea that it was called a Hoodie. I used to call them with some random names that I utter most times. But now I came to know it as a Hoodie. And Varun was all interested in doing all these. There was Mal with him and they both were in this Business. While Anu Aunty was busy to make Varun as a Slave for some Coding and Testing makers company. And this Varun tries his best to escape for that moment. 

Advantages of having a Facebook profile was penned down in a clear cut manner. Devika must be Fab with her profile picture. Gujju boy's role was hilarious. The conversation between Sid and Varun at Spiga's was a lolifying moment. 

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates made their presence in the middle. Perfectly placed quotes. And Indians are yet to find their Steve Jobs. Fact is we Indians don't have the courage to encourage something good and innovative. We find reasons to terminate the young ideas. For instance they pointed the age factor in Varun's case. There must be an end to this. 

Being a Techie alone is not making you get going. There are hell lot of opportunities waiting at the other end of the coin. Be the lead than an follower. 

This is what I have done on my Facebook TL once I finished reading the book. 

"Following all the updates of Alma Mater. I'm sure many of you never heard of this before. Take a look what Alma Mater does. Hoodies for Schools and Colleges. This was fucking cool. Sounds great isn't it??!. To know more about Alma Mater guys just seize the book titled "How I braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company" I'm done reading the master piece from Varun Agarwal. Totally impressed. We surely have had come across "Anu Aunties" till date. This was totally out of the box. I can't spill anything more than this. a MUST READ for Adolescents."

Rating: 5/5

No look back.

I have to give 5/5 there is no other go. 

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