Monday, January 25, 2016

Cafe Coffee Day

We straight away moved to CCD and I have ordered Lemon Iced Tea for both. And it is when it struck for her about me being late to the presentation.

Idiot. Why were you so late today?! I know you are so lazy and that’s the reason why I kept calling you since 5:30. And all you did was turning up late as you always do. What’s the point in me doing all this?! Priya questions me.

This time with a low tone as she was completely exhausted with the project review preparations since morning.

And tell me, what took you so long reaching the hall from the entrance?! Did you lie to me saying that you were in, even when you are on the way?! Asks with a serious look.

Ohh!! That. Why will I have to lie. I forgot to have my breakfast. So, had a plate full of delicious idly sambar at our very canteen. I made sure about the timing too. I just had them in 7 minutes. So you need to appreciate me for my timings. I said and slipped to the other corner to avoid getting a punch from Priya.

You are seriously an idiot. I don’t know how your future will be like if you be the same like today. She said and Shrugged.

Oh! C’mon Priya. Why do you worry about my future. You are not going anywhere. We will be together for the rest of our lives. Remember, there is no future without you.

My words showed a lot of impact in her eyes as it turned wet for a while.

Jay.?! She called me with so much of love.

Yes dear. I replied with equal amount of care and love.

Why are you like this?! She always asks me this.

I am like this. Just because of you. And before I could say anything more, Priya got a call from home. And now I realized that it’s time for her to leave.

Jay. I need to leave now. Dad has come. I guess we will be meeting again only after 2 weeks. There is no way I can come out having everyone at home. Priya says with a disappointed expression on her face.

I will miss you Priya. But we have phone right?! We Can speak regularly. I said with some hope knowing that it was never going to happen.

No way Jay. But I will surely try. Priya responds still wearing a sad face.

Well, the situation at Priya’s home was totally different from others. It’s hard to escape an eye from a family of whole and Priya cannot afford to talk on phone when their family members are around. It was like the typical south Indian protocol where everyone at home are more worried and concerned about her loving daughter falling in love. Literally, falling in love can be the worst crime their sons or daughters could commit. 

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