Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stupendous Saturday.

Every time I choose one particular topic to write on. Unfortunately I get stuck mid way and I ll be starting something new which caught my introspect. This is how it goes and that's the reason behind the lay of this post so titled as "Stupendous Saturday"

It's not like every weekend Saturday. It Got some uniqueness of its own. After all thrashing me out of the contention. It raised some mixed reactions within me. They are as follows.

1. Am I in the Right track???
2. Do I need to be complacent with the way how the things are going??
3. Difference Between Hobby and Passion.
4. Nerds vs Lerds.
5. My Dear Indian Aunties and Uncles please stop snooping around.
6. Is there no other way to survive in this contemporary world if you failed to enter MNC's?
7. Is Failure a climax scene??
8. A Tug of war between 40 and 20
9. I was born Intelligent. But, Education Ruined me.
10. Mediocre vs Unique.

These are some of the questions that flashed in, when I myself decided to take a day off from college. Now, let me provide the explanation as well as solutions for the 10 questions those are proclaimed above. Let's see how different my views are with yours. And finally you say me which category I belong to. Mediocre or Unique?

And Voila!!

Am I in the Right Track??

19 years of age. In which experienced 15 years of Indian Education. And the outcome is simply termed as "Uncertainty". This is what I see everywhere. I have a big question for all of you. Do you know what you want in your life?? A repeated question asked by my dad lot many times. Unknowingly, I go dumb to all such questions. In-fact the reason is we have no idea what we truly want. And even parent's don't. When you are at lows they pin you down with their ideas. You have no other go but to take the bow. And as I find majority of my circle of friends do study for the sake of parents but not for them. Abundant talent is left unused in you. Discover it. Nurture it. Make your points clear every now and then. Place them ahead of your parents and explain them This is What You Truly need. And you can sense the kind of support parents do put on you. Because They want you to get succeed in life. No matter in what way you get that.

Get on to the top. 

Do I need to be complacent with the way how the things are going?? 

As we all know that India is the 2nd largest populated country in the world after China. Having around a Billion mark figure in population stats in the country, I let out a huge sigh. Among a Billion how many have nurtured their own talent and contributed their part.? Very few is all I can say. Just because these successful people will never be complacent with their performances. They get satisfied with their efforts. Here, Complacent is different from Satisfaction. Satisfaction adds incentives with the hard-work you've done. Where complacent takes you head over heels. 95% of  Indians are complacent with their doings so that the reason there are no winners but workers. You Aspire to achieve something great in life??? My say is get satisfied with your proceedings but never be complacent.

That's Complacency.

Difference between Hobby and Passion.

Hobby is something which one wishes to do at his leisure time for pleasure. And passion is all about taking it for granted and working on it as a mission. For Instance, In late 2000 where I was totally attracted towards cricket went to my dad and said I want to be a cricketer papa. He then smiled and said It's just your hobby and you can't relate it as your profession. He even clarified me about the flaws in the system with some real-time examples. As I'm just 12 years old that time I barely accepted it. But now with a lot introspect on the current settings in Indian Cricket I have had some multiple feelings for dumping my passion down. Because today's cricket gives you world wide Recognition and Huge amount of money which is the essential Ingredient in today's life. A software job (or) any such jobs will not get that for sure. On the other end, It's all about seizing the opportunity. Competition for a berth in Indian team is never easy to get. Considering the fact that among 1 billion population it always breaks the nerves. Handling pressure, form, fitness and a lot matters.

A Passion.

Keeping that aside. There is competition everywhere. You have to go all-out to squeeze something out of life to achieve success. Every single effort you put in will be added. Believe in yourself. And make your mark. Every Success comes with a TRY.

Nerds vs Lerds 
A combined co-ordination between Nerds and Lerds gives a better India. Somehow it is unlikely to happen. Let me give a brief intro about Nerds and Lerds in today's India. Students of certain category comes under nerds and our politicians comes under lerds. Students look for solutions while politicians don't bother of solutions as their motto is to make a healthy argument which takes them no where. I'm a combination of Nerd as well as lerd. Nerds are supposed to be intelligent but socially awkward, lost in equations and formulae and disconnected from the real world. Lerds are liberal. They hate solutions. Lerds can speak about any social issue while Nerds struggle. In the same way try to find out solutions to your problems and don't bother of lerds. They Interrupt the process to happen. Save us from lerds must be the bottom line.

Picture Perfect. 

My Dear Indian Aunties and Uncles, Please stop Snooping around.

Without Relations life goes dim and dark. Relations makes you feel happy. It remembers that you have someone for you. And I don't understand where these Aunties and Uncles come from. They keep irking me all time with questions which are totally unnecessary. In-fact these kinda questions do create an impact on us. It happens this way ----> Aunties all gathered at one place and keep blabbering something non-sense. One aunty raises her voice to peaks and says his son is in UK or so and so. And ask about ours. Is that necessary to say what the hell is he doing there? I find it totally nonsense. Can't they shut their stupidity for some time. These days I see lot many parents are out to say that their son achieved this and that. This kind of attitude is something I never liked from the beginning. Indeed it adds extra pressure on the other end and now a days people work for not their sake but for others sake. If this kind of interest they put on themselves rather than snooping around may get them something useful. Aunties and Uncles you better try that way. Leave me for Godsake.

Is there no other way to survive in this contemporary world if you failed to enter MNC's?

We live in a society which rewards the mediocre. I found myself in a bulk of students who are rushing on a busy road. Let's consider Engineering as a National High way road and we are all traveling on a same road. Every year we see enormous amount of students coming out completing their Grad and looking out for jobs on roads. Fortunately, There is a Bypass road available to reach the destination. But no one uses it. Just because they lack backing to take the burl. That's the reason for unemployment in India. If "one says one" that will be the universal fact for others. Unless and until you take your chance you can't get the other end of the world. Finally, There are many ways to survive in this world. I mean a respectable way of living. MNC's are just an option but its not the only resource.

 Is Failure a climax scene?? 

Reason why Students in India commit suicide is they feel like Failure is the end of everything. They are bend out for academic pressures and wordings used by their parents. As (They keep lot expectations on their loved kids) Students take it completely negative when they are at their bottom lows. No matter what you say. They take it in a wrong way. Depression makes them do in such a way. Many end their chapters with a suicide while some take time to reshuffle the past failure and take steps to improve further. Every success begins with a Failure. An old proverb I remember saying. If you didn't fail. You never tried anything new.
And from a movie I recently watched saying the main difference between winning and losing. If you win. You will be introduced to the world. But, If you lose. You get to know what life and world is all about. Sensible lines makes a lot sense. So failure is just the beginning. Not an end.

Just Focus.

A Tug of war between 40 and 20 

Here 40 and 20 represents the age groups. Middle age colliding with Teen & Young age. Ideas of these two age groups will never sink each other. Misunderstandings with parents and problems of communication at home arises here. The scenario is very simple. Parents want their kids in their comfort zone. Let me make up this way. There is a T20 match happening around between India and Pakistan. Now, India need 6 runs to win from 3 balls. Mr. 40 wants the game to wind up with a 4 and a double run and win the match with 1 ball to spare. No space for thrill and excitement here. But, Mr.20 waits patiently for something interesting to happen. He wants to leave 2 balls and hit the last ball to a six and win the game. You can win it in any way. But the excitement gets doubled and tripled when you finish it with the last ball.That's what makes a huge difference between these two particular age groups. So times it is good to end up at peak moments coz you will know how to handle nail-biting situations better than others do. If Mr. 40 understands it there will be no problem with this case.

I was born Intelligent. But, Education Ruined me.

This quote is taken from a wallpaper. Indeed that's true. Everyone are born Intelligent. But, some where there are examples that shows Education ruined their life's. Very simple. We are taught right from the beginning in a planned way. We have no freedom to express our ideas and views. At schools our education system hammers out our individual voices and kills our natural creativity. Turing us into servile course material slaves. Our kids are not encouraged to raise their voices in class, particularly when they disagree with the teacher. And of-course no subject teaches us Imagination, Creativity and Innovation. Why would a young hardworking bright student who has the world ahead of him, do something like this, that is commit suicide?? The answer is our constant reverence for the great Institution (and I do believe IITs are great) we forget its dark side. And the dark side is that the IITs are afflicted by the quintessential Indian phenomenon of academic pressure, Probably the highest in the world. (Source : Chetan Bhagat's What Young India Wants )
I felt like to insert a few lines as mentioned in book which are truly right. His words inspired me.

This is the wallpaper I was mentioning about 

Mediocre vs Unique.

The Final Question of the day. I don't want to spread it too long as I can sense that I made a big post of the day. Coming to Mediocre vs Unique. The Ratios of Mediocre people in India startled me. There is no room for taking a chance or making a change. Mediocre people are the ones who work as if its their onus is a burden to make things happen. There will be no spark in the work they do. Unique ones make use of opportunities. They are bound to improve in time. Examples for Unique figures are Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ambani Brothers, etc. 

Happiness you find when you are Unique.

And Finally, Ending up with a touching Video that Inspired many on Youtube.


Thanks for peeping into my post and it's my 1st non-fiction kinda work. Hope you all liked it. 

Thank you :) 


  1. Good post. There is a sought of awareness in it and at the same time it resembles the anguish of a teenager who failed in his times but not in the way of an experienced, 40's I mean. The way you published your ideas with an example best fit for the situation. Kudos for the post. Keep Blogging!

    1. Thanks a lot bro. ll keep doing many more :) :)


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