Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Interview - TD

But things were not clearly right in order. I was struggling like hell at that time. But I was clueless for most of the times. Some sort of frustration came over me and I have even stopped sleeping on the rope beds during nights. It felt like, I really don’t deserve the luxury of sleeping.

One day, while at dinner, we had a running conversation about my future plans.

“So, it’s very clear that you are struggling with your interviews.” Isn’t it? Asked dad with a sarcastic smile on his face.

“Yeah. Kinda.” I replied plainly.

“Haha. You are my son after all.”

“Life has been tough for me and so it is the same for you now.” Dad smirked

“Well, it’s not that dad. There is a lot in common between us. But surely, we are missing on something that is very important. And if we both have got that, I am sure we will find some success in life” I came up with something so inspiring this time.

“Well, may be. I don’t know. But at this stage of my life, I can’t possibly go and search for something which I should have done some 21 years ago. It doesn’t count for me. 

But it does for you. As long as I am alive, I don’t want to see you doing the same job that I do. I know how difficult it is to sell fruits on a cart. I never wanted to see you doing the same. With you, I wanted the generation to be changed.

Anything that you want regarding your preparation, put it straight. I am going to get that for you. No matter what. All I wish is a better future for you.”

Those words caused a heaviness in me. After 5 failed attempts I never thought of giving it up. I don’t know what this job may offer me. But I know that, it makes mom and dad happy. Their happiness equals my happiness. And I began to prepare for the next interview that was due in 3 days.

3 days went off like a tracer bullet and I was in high spirits to clear my first few rounds and then, take it from there. But destiny is having something really terrible in stock for me.

Not many times I have qualified for the second round, but when I did, I made it to the last. So, I was preparing on how to be confident. And it was when I got a call from mom.

I have no idea of why she had called me during this part of the day. She well knew that I would be in an interview.

Generally, she calls me to know the status of my interview to which I literally hate answering on phone. But that day, something really made me pick up the call. But once after I did, mom was crying on phone. 

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