Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Emergency - TD

Meanwhile, I did try for a few companies and still didn’t get the filtering scale of the company.

What to do and what not to do? In an interview is still a question that was left unanswered.

Most of the times, I used to walk back to home from the interviews and on my way back, I contemplate on ‘What’s wrong with me and the interviews.’ They seemed to be not going well with each other.

Once back home, mom starts to enquire me on status of the interview. But whenever my reply is nothing more than ‘Not bad’ she makes up her mind that, she will have to wait for the next company to arrive.

One day, Prakash uncle paid a visit to check on how dad was doing. And once after he was done with spending some time with dad, he had a chat with mom. Even though I have no idea of what they were talking about, with the kind of expression that appeared on mom’s face, it was very much clear that something so upsetting is coming our way. And there is no other way, we got to take that.

Once after Prakash uncle left, mom called me instantly and told me that, he requires money for his daughter’s education.

Even though he seemed pretty uncomfortable for getting to us in a situation like this, but still, there is no other way than to ask. After all, he supported me for my education and now it’s time we need to payback the debt amount for his daughter’s future.

In a situation that I was on that day, I really wondered if anyone had succeeded in life fighting against all odds with no proper mentor. What I personally believed is, every successful man in this world have or had some really good mentors guiding them in proper ways. But for me, there is no one. I was standing alone in a crowd with no identity.

And it is when I have started to look at life in a different way. In such a situation, we needed money the most. And I then got to know how to make money.

Wasting not much of a time, I have rushed towards the cart stand and have found dad’s cart parked right next to an auto rickshaw. I tried unlocking it with the key that I had carried from home without anyone’s knowledge.

I never wanted dad to know about my fruit selling thing. As I can remember, it is the last thing he wanted for me to happen. He never ever dreamed of seeing me selling fruits like he regularly does. He so badly wanted the generation to change with me. 

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