Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Old Friend

Hey! What the hell are you doing here man?! Akash screamed out of his voice much to scare the shit of other inmates. He was equally surprised to identify me in the shape I am. That was the moment I checked for myself in the mirror and felt a little low. I guess there is no wrong with the nurse in giving such an awkward expression while talking to me. I looked scary enough.

What’s wrong with you Jay?! What happened?! I never thought I would see you like this after 2 long years. Akash interrupted my flow of thoughts bringing me back to reality.

Well, that was a big story to tell. And listen we need to check out as soon as possible. Can you please clear the bills at the counter, I had lost my purse somewhere on that fateful day. I will explain you clearly after we leave.

We left the hospital after having a brief talk with the doctor regarding treatment and the tabs that I need to swallow every 12 hours. Actually, Akash had come to meet the doctor as they are neighbours during the time Akash family lived in Chennai. Also, I had spent some time with my fellow inmate who initiated a chat with me and showed much anticipation towards what led me to GH. I promised him to meet some other time as I need to leave quick. He nodded his head in approval.

Back in Taxi, I felt so comfortable to have Akash with me. At least I have someone to talk with. So that I can vent out my pain.

A brief silence followed and neither of us took the initiative.

So, Jay?! What happened with your life?! I couldn’t just believe that, it is you in such a bad shape. Akash broke the silence.

Akash, life isn’t easy as the way you expect it to be. At every phase of life you will be tested and all you need to have is patience. If you have got that, then everything will just fall in place. I started blurting out. I am not sure if I have answered his question properly. As I can see Akash looking at me in disgust. His expressions state that he is not convinced with my response.

What the hell?! Can’t you just tell me what happened?! Why are you talking shit?! Have you gone mad?! Akash is now losing his temperament. There is no way out. I need to open up myself.

We reached Food Nation and it felt good to hold a glass of Australian Old Red wine which I always prefer. In fact, that was the only wine I had so far tired in my life. After gulping down a bit, I felt relaxed and once again remembered of Priya. 

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