Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Conversations - TD

“Though I don’t know much about these, I have heard they are a little tough to crack, is it?”

Dad kept track of everything that came his way. He has this strange curiosity towards new things and he tries recollecting the same with me after work. We used to brainstorm it for a while and then slip into sleep after having our favorite meal. Not to forget the pickle that I love the most.

“Yes dad. Not really easy though. The thing is that, the interviews are held completely in English and you know that my English is a little weak. But let’s see. I will try and give my best.” I assured dad and that made him feel lot better.

Meanwhile, Mom started to serve food for both of us in plates that we have got some ages back. We have had a lot of things that needs a sudden replace. But as per the current situation, we can’t even afford for something that is more than 2K worth.

Most of the times we used to have food in silence and once after we are done with the meal, we go out to sleep. It’s not on roads that we sleep all nights, but we used to have this temple stock area where the security guard allows us to sleep and we pay him monthly. 300 rupees for a family of 3.

And we used have rope beds there which are for our luxury. The rope beds are always exciting for me during that times and we more often take shifts for the use. I was allowed to sleep only 3 times a week. But when I do, I slip into sleep in a matter of seconds and that day I will dream like nobody else does.

Companies have started to come and I had tried my level best to reach the expectations. There is a systematic procedure and a lot of filtering process that separated the mediocre students from the best. But most of the times, I ended up being mediocre and thus I am publicly out.

But, the problem is that, every time I return home from an interview, a lot of eyes were actually waited for me to come and reveal the super news of getting placed. But having failed for more than 5 times in a single month, people have come to a conclusion that I am no longer good enough to seal a job.

Even Prakash uncle once came up to me and asked if everything is going okay. He also directed me to work more on the aptitude stuff that helped students clear the initial rounds with ease. After all, he has been so kind to our family and have helped me finish my education in time. So, I wanted to give him the respect that he deserved. 

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