Saturday, January 23, 2016

Live the moment

'Just live the moment and forget everything else.' I keep telling these words to myself every day in my life no matter which part of the day it is. I just keep telling the same to myself. And I do it on a purpose. 

I have no idea why it occurs to me but it does happen to me all the time. Knowing the fact that we have very limited time to make any kind of sense. I think realizing that very thing is what really keeps one's life moving ahead. And I guess, there will be no eavesdropping at least thereafter. 

I admit that I suffer with oblivion. A state of complete darkness unaware of what's happening around. But, the idea and the concept of making something that will be remembered for ages is always there. A stiff one it is. I don't even know from where I have inherited this habit. But thankfully, I have chosen to live life on my own terms. I have taken the rule of my life. Every single step that I take in life are my own choices. External influences are just limited no matter how powerful they are. When it comes to my decisions, I just go with what my heart says. 

There are quite a few incidents that really moved me to the corner of my seat. I am surprised about the fact that life is always so difficult to predict. We have no idea what tomorrow had in stock for us. So it’s better we live each and every moment to the fullest. 

People die in accidents so badly. Sometimes, you have no control over certain things which will take your life away. For instance, a rash lorry driver jumps the divider out of control and hits you out of the road making it a disaster. And as a result, you had to give up your life. And the driver is more likely to go to Jail and get a bail in a year or so. 

The end result is that, out of nowhere, you lost everything that you had and you are no longer alive. It is something that really shatters everyone. I don't understand the point of death. No matter how hard trying to escape, it will always find a way to pick you up when the time comes. And that is why death is inevitable. 

I see a lot of people don't really live life the way they actually wanted it to be. Instead, they make too many sacrifices for people around them. They habituate themselves to be like the same way for the rest of their lives and that really surprises me. When I look at them, it was almost like they are sacrificing their whole life to some other person in the first place.

I never get that!

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