Monday, February 3, 2014

Marvellous Mondays: A Phobia That I was Into

It's been a great Monday at work. Usually Monday's are a kind of boring when we come after a weekend. It was actually the trend that always remains the same. Fridays are exciting and Mondays are always boring. But this is exception to the regular trend. Instead of calling it a Mokka Monday I did call it as a Marvellous Monday. It was indeed Marvellous. Get to know HOW?

The role of a content writer is never ever gonna be the same. A lot of things actually go around in mind. But I find it a bit difficult to put into words. And in the result it feels vulnerable. It feels lost and dejected. I have been a victim of this for a long time and I admit that sufferings are still on. It's hard to get out of that mess if you are once into it. It's really hard. 

You can even call it as a Phobia. I have a longing desire for something and I find it pretty much hard to achieve. When I was at the extreme levels I find myself devastated. I feel like calling it a day. But having certain things to be done by me I would just push myself to fulfill the tasks with no proper attention. 

Life is going difficult at this phase and I find myself helpless all the way. Whenever I speak out, I am interrupted by an external source and that leaves me behind forever. This process kept repeating and I have got completely used to it. But somewhere in my mind I feel like exploring out. There is nothing wrong in adding voice to your internal soul. I started motivating myself this way. I would not say that it worked. But at least, its putting me on hold. 

Am I confusing you or boring you with my weird behavior? If yes. I would like to apologize for such act. But this is what happening with my life and I have just given a thought about making it to my blog. But guess what? I have found a permanent solution to this tangled mess. And that was SOE. 

Initially I thought it was SEO. But it's not the SEO I usually work on. But it was SOE which stands for School Of Excellence. 

School Of Excellence is providing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) which is a study of how people think, remember experiences and learn. You can visit their official website to learn more about NLP: Click here

I have found this one so very fascinating and I got a belief that this is what going to take me to the next level. I have always waited for a push that will take me to the higher level and I feel like I have just got that. 

I would personally thank Gayatri Aptekar for making this all happen. She has been part of the NLP Mumbai and she gleefully recommended me to take the first step towards NLP when I enquired about SOE. 

And here, SOE is a 6 day program that will transform you as a better person. Currently there is a session that was happening in Chennai starting from today till Saturday. I have got an invite for NLP Samosa that will give me introduction about their technology and the events they conduct. There are a couple things that saddened me  about SOE but I am sure about sorting them. 

So, dates were blocked for February 8th 2014. But the question is will I be getting a permanent solution to what I was looking for over the last few years? Will I get freed from the Phobia that I was into? Happiness is something that I have lost identifying for sometime now. Will I get complete answers to all these unanswered questions? 

This Saturday. 8th February, 2014 will have the answers to all my questions. 

If you are around Chennai come and say a Hello on 8th February at The Residency Towers.