Sunday, August 12, 2012

N-Connect Forcibly Disconnect.

N-Connect 2012 is the 2nd National Conference Organized by MCA, IT, and CSE departments of my college. We organize it every year so that participants from other colleges visit our campus and present their views on Technical terms provided in the pattern. And we call it a Paper Presentation.

Earlier we used to organize symposiums as like other colleges do. But conference is the one which gives highest priority to paper presentation rather than conducting events to make burden even more. That way our college management called off symposiums and started with Conference in the year 2011.

Preparations for Conference started up with a month earlier and being a 3 dept. programme I expected it to be a total feast. But it lacks co-ordination between.

Fact of the matter is none of the students from IT Final year B- Sec took part in this. It didn't surprise me either. Except in Multi-Media Presentation. (Kudos 2 Lavan Giri. At least you played your role better) 

Let me take on with the pros and cons of this Conference.


1. Multi Media presentation.
2. Awareness on plastic usage. 
3. Tender Coconut Surprise visit.
4. Proceedings and the kit.


1. Hospitality
2. Compering
3. Lack of Strength in CG's Speech. (It doesn't come under Host's cons but overall Conference)
4. Regular Boasting about our own Institution.
5. Lines used in Multi Media Presentation.

Invitation of our Conference.

The Logo of N-Connect is well connected. In-fact It resembled a professional work. Liked it. 

And areas of concern builds up on how good the compering is and how efficient is the speech delivered by the CG plays a lead role in any event. But I'm not that impressed with the duo.

This is my 3rd presence at my college events. 1 symposium and 2 Conferences. Every time I see is same kind of boasting towards the management. Which I consider to be totally Insane.

Hospitality the most sensible part when students from other colleges are here to exhibit their Ideas. And as a unit we failed all together. 4 students from Adhiyamaan Engineering College (If I'm right) are in at 10:30AM into the campus to present a paper on Hacking. It took them 80mins to get rid of the security personals at the Gate. After repeated calls to Mr. New Begin (Head of the Dept. MCA) and also to the Vice Principal of Vel Multi Tech. I still wonder the Gate man is not pleased when the HOD of MCA called to send them in. This is how a typical protocol that strictly followed in our campus. Rush the rules to drain when there is no other go. Rules are meant for the students of VT Group but not for the outsiders. Finally they seized the opportunity they got and sealed 1st Prize in their panel.

Multi Media Presentation of N-Connect 2012:


Coming to MM Presentation they worked out of their skins to make it look attractive. I did look attractive. I sensed all the trio HOD's are excited by seeing their students work on MM when the crowd went on high with the kinda effects they made. Childhood pics of RR and SR startled me.

Vote of thanks is not impressive. How come they pin the onus on the guy who worked all the day rushing to all corners of the campus.?? They must have be thinking on alternate aspects too. 

All I can say is there are some basic issues where the committee missed out to take care of. Apart from that all went good. Big round of Applause to all the 3 presidents who made it a collective success.

N-Connect Team lightens.

Presidents of all 3 Depts. with Ms. Sakunthala Rangarajan (Vice- Chairman) and Mr. Rangarajan (Chairman and Founder of Vel Tech Group of Institutions)

Official Introduction about our Conference. From left to Right. Mr. New Begin (HOD, MCA.), Mr. Karthikeyan ( HOD, CSE), Mr. Sulthan Allaudeen (President, MCA), Mr. Rakesh (President, IT), Mr. Vignesh (President, CSE) followed by Ms.Mahalakshmi Kishore (Managing Trustee), Mr. Jayakumar IAS (Chief Guest), Mr. Hemanth Kumar (Principal), Mr. Siddapa Naidu (Student Affairs), Mr. Robert (HOD, IT) and Mr. KVD Kishore Kumar (Director).

Dedicated to N-Connect Team.

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