Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Day I lost My Cool.

Note: I don't recommend to read this post. I just want to show off my agony in the best suitable way. So I chose my blog as a medium so that I'm allowed to speak whatsoever I feel like. I'm sorry for not making anything interesting here. 

It's a collective failure of executing plans and timing which lead to a miserable day where I ended up losing my cool. I used to be at Zenith of timing and executing activities and it's hard to digest you have nothing left but to surrender before someone who is not so worthy as you are. 

People speak about a term called "pressure" and it can get the best out of oneself and vice-versa. My mind says I respond well to pressure. I've been there under pressure every time. So far I produced the best results when I was under pressure. I actually enjoy being under pressure. But now, Times changed. I'm no more good at handling pressure. 

Agony, Anguish, torment, suffering, throe and a lot more be the substitute words for anger. And some F words too scattered in. It went viral in my head a day before this post. Brutally or viciously thrashed in a certain manner. I felt like taking on their insensitive act. But there are "n" number of reasons that pulled me back. 

I do believe Indian Universities are great and the dark side is that the Universities are afflicted by the quintessential Indian phenomenon of academic pressure, probably highest in the world. (It's the modified version from What Young India Wants) and the reason is that you are under closed doors. You have no option but to take the bow what the concerned faculty had to say for you. 

The Indian system teaches us how to draw the borders between the issues. How to take on others, how to betray others and many more. Is this what a student actually come for?! We speak about democratic India and many live without knowing what democracy is all about. Forget about Imagination, Creativity and skills. Some basic principles are to followed by colleges which must be a mandatory one.And you do fix some rules for students and make a way for progress. 

I feel sorry for my management for not understanding me properly. I don't understand the reason behind a special class for students who are a weak at academics. I give a big damn about this because treating every student in a same manner doesn't give you results. You have to adapt to the coping mechanism with the students and then expect something better. 

Interestingly my schedule for the current semester is fully packed. I've been dragged into a position where I've never been till date. It's a combo and Jumbo kind of situation where holding the nerves and handling pressure matters lot than how you prepared. And to a failure like me, I've to fire all cylinders in order to gain some momentum. And the occasion is all set for blazing guns on Dec 15th 2012. Hope I make it to the fore.

My words goes in vain just because people don't listen to a man who failed many a times. So I opted to teach you people a lesson with my doings. I've been nice to you. And you didn't care. Now, You see what the other end of me can do. I lost my cool and patience.

And Finally at the end of the day. I made my way into the world of brilliance where there are people who spot on every single mistake you commit and teach you a lesson. I ll be thankful to all you people. And now that dependency on parents came to end It's my turn to do my part. Hope I do it with great onus.

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