Sunday, January 24, 2016

A day at GH

It was scorching heat outside and you are now shifted from Room 147 to Room 132 at Government General Hospital, Chennai. You got admitted a week back with blood oozing out of your wrist. You looked pale and having mud strains all over your body during the time you got admitted. No one would gave a thought of bringing you to GH had you been found unconscious on a passing road. But, you are found unconscious in your car near to Chennai Central.  

In a week days that you have spent at this hospital, you have come to conscious just a couple of times and slipped back into coma in minute’s gap. To some good part, you had no visitors to visit. So, nobody had to worry about your health condition and wait for you to come conscious.

Who are you and what happened?! What was your story?! A patient on the next bed asked me with lot of curiosity.

While he was narrating the happenings of the last 7 days at GH, all I am doing was thinking about Priya. Where was she?! Is she happy with the decision she took?! Will she be living a happy life?! Will she really miss a life with me?! Those thoughts kept tossing and turning in my head.

I remained silent for a moment. But the patient next to me kept staring at me with lot of anticipation. I wonder why people are more excited about snooping into others life than taking proper care of their own. I shrugged.

Would you mind leaving me free for some time. I am badly in need of using rest room. I said, and left the place.

Once back, I peeped through the corner hole of the door to check whether the patient was waiting for me to come or slipped into a nap. I am glad that he was completely into sleep. And, I slowly walked to the balcony of the hospital. I was at 7th floor and had the center view of the city. It was beautiful. It was the moment when it struck me after spotting Chennai Central, which can be visible from the point where I stand. It was the first time I met Priya in the year 2007. I never thought she would play such an important role in my life. In fact, She made me complete.

Excuse me?! Are you the patient in room no. 132?! Asked a nurse with a worried face?! I felt a bit unsettled with her expression.

Yes I am.

Somebody had come to visit you. They are waiting downstairs. You can better go now. Told the nurse, with same expression on her face. I wonder why?!

I walked downstairs and entered into the room and spotted Akash. It’s been nearly 2 years since we met. Akash had always been the perfect guy. We are the best of mates and have a lot in common. But Akash left the city during his graduation days and that has created a gap between us. I kept re-collecting the memories that we had. 

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