Thursday, January 3, 2013



 I was waiting for her arrival. Usually it's me all the time who waits for her at the school main gate. As soon as the rickshaw enters the street there appears a huge grin on my face. I never understand why it comes so very natural when I see the rickshaw carrying her coming towards me. I feel elated at her arrival. It indeed makes my day.  

Albeit I see her in the same costume 6 days a week yet she looks stunning every day. I have a great urge of meeting her hairdresser as he does fine job. He must be an expert in doing such dressings. The tantalizing aroma of her Gokul Sandal makes me go mad most times. The way she looks and smiles at me have no words to frame. 

Once we reach the class I make sure that the bench is all clean and there was no sight of dust in and around the desk. I always wanted her to be in clean. We are friends from ages. We studied for 10 years on a trot. We never allowed anyone to join us. It's me and her everywhere. 

5 years down the line. A series of events happened which drifted us apart. I was the one at the receiving end all the time. We are now strangers. We hardly speak when we meet at public events. Though I still had feelings for her she never bothered to consider me. She keeps on ignoring my calls. And finally she calls me one day saying something which excites me..!! What did she say?! What happened next?! 

This post is all about reminisces of my early days. Characters will be named in the next post along with Chapter-1.


  1. got inspired from YVM or real point ?
    But the way u blog is simple n gud. keep it up

  2. hmmmm....reminded me of my school days!


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