Monday, June 25, 2012

3 Dreaded Protocols of Modern India.

3 Dreaded Protocols of Modern India is for all the people out there who are itching to kick start their lives in Fast moving India. 

Digging out from the bottom line: The Lifestyle of "Common Indian Citizen" is no where different when compared to others in the Country. It Largely depends on the category where you belong to. Either Rich nor Poor.
 Unfortunately Middle Class People scattered to every corner of the Country which makes a huge difference in balancing their daily basis when the prices are turning up badly.  

Here are the 3 Deadly Protocols of India which defines the Fate of the Country.

1. Rich : They Just don't mind of taking things for granted irrespective of the field they belongs to. 
2. Poor : They have Nothing to loose. But to wait earnestly for Govt. Policies to get implemented. 
3. Middle Class : Most confused people in India will be from this category. They don't know what to do. 

 Below images resembles the above 3 Categories. 

 Interiors with great combinations gives a nod to Top Category People.

From Terrific Highs to Bottom Lows. Here are the 2nd Category of people who lives near dump yards.

They don't even have seasonal options. Everything will be Extreme. They take the Bow all time. 

Here comes the Confused People of India. (It's my opinion) Nothing Intentional. 

They are talented. They know how to make use of the resources. Planning makes them stay ahead of the Poor Category.

Coming to the Concept: We live in a society where people are very much busy in pointing out fingers at others. Don't they have any other work instead? 

The Cycle is : Rich wants to become more Rich, Middle Class wants to Get Rich, Poor wants to advance their chances of getting into Middle category (At least). 
In the course duration of winning their targets one has to outplay everyone. And That's what life is all about. 

There's always a huge expectations from under rated people who eventually have nothing to lose but to win. 
My Support with them all the way. Coz I belong to this category indeed. 

Make a change. Rich can be drowned to bottom line getting him all-out by exposing all his illegal asserts as CBI does all the time.  (I don't wish to get into detail of it)

Money doesn't matter. Talent matters.  

India is a land of Billion Sparks and It's time for you to prove that you still exist. Get on to the court and play the game of Life. 

 Wish you all Success. :)

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