Friday, February 1, 2013

Dream Company

Basically having the second largest percentage share of world population we largely depend on outsourcing jobs. I mean Multi National Companies where the jobs are outsourced. Just like Christopher Columbus's discovery of America.  And there is a history how the jobs are outsourced to India and many other countries.

To be precise every single Indian will be dreaming of stepping into an MNC and earn some handsome pay. They look at the kind of Infrastructure they maintain and the automatic coffee vending machine will be taken by surprise. And what not?! They find everything stunning. But all they do is a "labor work" for Countries like US of America and UK. They don't call them a "labor" They call them as Professionals in Engineering.

Indians have brains and US of America has skills to make the best use of Indian brains. And so they are leading the companies from the front and we keep working for them and getting complacent with what we have. They are the drivers and we are happy to take the back seat. 

When a college drop out from Silicon Valley became world's richest man at the age of 25 by having a large share in Disney and also the Co-Founder of Apple. He reinvented the usage of Technology back then. 20 years down the line Apple Inc. is now a brand. People can't help uttering "WOW" once they hold any product that carries a brand symbol Apple at the back. How in the world can one who laid the foundation stone for Apple can be dismissed out of the company?! And that's how it started. In a span of 5 years Steve is back into Apple when the company was hitting rock bottom. His Innovation has once again proved why this man stands tall among others. And that's how Mac came into existence. One who happened to know about Steve can only realize what a Dream Company should be like. Mark Zuckerberg a website owner is now in the race for getting on to the top of the world.

Where is the Steve Jobs and where is the Mark Zuckerberg of India?! They are not born rich. All they did is Implementation. They Implemented their ideas and that's how it worked. We Indians have unlimited ideas in stock and yet we fail to execute. 
Coming to Dream Company concept. I still wonder how "Sine" and "Cos" Theta can change the fortunes of one man and decide his fate in the company. Package does make a difference. Isn't it?! Every company comes up with their own values and strategies to pick the best out of the whole. Some may back the idea. But I'm skeptical about their procedures.

For Instance I take a company (Which can be one of my dream Company) and lets see what makes a huge difference. 

Manhattan Review: (My Ideal Organization for Instance)

The main purpose of this Company is to train the students at the soft skills part as well as in the Quantitative side. The role is to guide the students for clearing competitive exams like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, etc. 

Qualities and Characteristics of Manhattan Review:

1.You don't really have to work out of your skins for the company all through the days and nights.  All your work is to spend sometime out there.

2.You will be assigned a task just like in any other companies and all you have to do is give it your 100% every day.

3. There will be no pressure factor. Unless and until you failed to master the role that you are in. The case is different working for an MNC. There is always a pressure factor when you expect that you are the eligible candidate to go onsite and the one who is totally dumb will be seizing the opportunity of going onsite. And that will certainly down your spirits and you eventually lack interest in working for the organization hereon.

4. Compensation will be quite satisfying as you are dealing with the best organization which trains the students in mastering the area of Quants and vocab skills.Trust me this one is way better than the other Coding and Development business. You have none to answer here. But in case of S/w company. You have Team Lead, Project Lead and Team Manger to answer. Your increment will largely depend on what these people give. Rating anything less than 3 can run you out of the company very soon.

5. You will come across wide range and variety of people who can provide their unique ideas which certainly leads to discussion and the outcome will be nothing less than Innovation. 

6. Recruitment process is something close to what all the MNC'S does. They have created such a mark so that none of the organization tries to dig into ones individual talent. Instead they ponder over ones stats in their academics. It makes no sense to me. Either the company once you are in. 

7. You have the world ahead of you to explore. You constantly keep updating yourself on "what's happening around". Because none of the MNC guy knows anything beyond the SDLC. The Coding, The Testing and The Deployment stuff. They are bound to be annoying with their copy paste techniques. Believe me, What happens if there is no "Google" for at least of 10 days. Wonder what these Software Engineers can do with out Google.

Human Resources of Manhattan Review:

As per my knowledge the role of HR Dept. is for balancing act. They are the ones who take complete care of recruiting the employees, Salary packages, Increments and Annual reports. 

To compete with other companies they have their own strategies. They keep shuffling the employees with the annual reports and thus create new opportunities for the freshers. This is how the HR Dept. works in maintaining the Company on top node.

Set your Dream Company. No wrong working for MNC. Everyone is here to make something. The one who identifies his true purpose will explore his opportunities. And the one who fails to do so will certainly end up working for so and so company and lead an utterly discomforted life. 

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