Sunday, November 9, 2014

Life Gets Less Easier and More Complicated !

Into November already and have just managed to come up 7 times which means less than once a month. Isn't this a bad way to maintain a blog? I am wondering what I have done all these months without updating my blog on a consistent basis. 

It's not like there is nothing that I can come up with. But more importantly, I have forgotten this space for a long time. And it hurts now. 

Brushing all of them to a side. Life has now become less easier and more complicated. So, finally there happened to be some regrets for me in my life which I thought are more likely not to arrive at this point of time. And that's how I sum life has become more complicated. 

Being a content writer is no cakewalk. Critics are from all corners. One has to take that ! 

Apart from professional life, there is this tremendous change that took place. After an year of constant struggle, I have finally moved into a new 2BHK. Much spacious this time. Thankfully, a fully furnished one. 

Well, not really boasting about my new living style but you know, I felt like putting this one up right on my blog. It feels good when I look after the same post some 5 years down the line. ;) 

This is the only time to make the most of anything. If a wise man was in place, he would have thought of making something really big. But being not so wise enough, I thought or actually we thought, we should be very serious about giving a hand at cooking. And thus, we ended up being some kind of mediocre cookers ! 

Cookers? Did I sound it right? ;) 

Call it Aloo & Onion Curry !

First try. Look is more better than it's actual taste ! Thought we should focus much on the ingredients things. 

And very recently, we came up with this one new recipe. Had potato and brinjal in unequal proportions so we thought of giving this one a try. And the outcome is just yum. 

Potato & Brinjal Pastry ;)

It almost looked like a paste and thus I called it pastry. This may not give you a better feel than the previous one. But, it felt lot better in terms of taste ! 

You may be thinking that these guys are more obsessed with Aloo and Brinjal ! But let me tell you, I didn't have enough of pictures with me to share with you ! I have got only these as of now. You may get to see a lot more in future. 

Apart from Potato, I give a try this way for lunch ! 

Call this one Onion Rice !

This goes for lunch ! 

Capsicum Rice

This comes right from the cooker. Some yummy capsicum rice for lunch. Foods like these excite me so much so that I wait for lunch in office everyday. 

Other than these, we tried a lot. But most of them with potato included. But to break the barriers, I may go on a potato ban for a week and try as many as I could without potato and make myself realize that I can survive in this world without a 'Potato' ;) Only for a weekdays though. 

And once after cooking, I am trying to read and experiment. There are quite a few ideas in stock and I will have to take a thorough look at it for one final time and have to find ways to implement. 

After all, this is the only stage where one gets to experiment and try achieve something really BIG in life. 

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See you in the next post ! 

Till then,