Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Presentation

It’s Priya. I said, with my voice draining low.

Oh! Problems with Love?! Hmm. Expected. But what happened with your love?! Any cinematic villain in your story as well?! Akash started in a way just like that happens in the movies.

I am so badly in love with Priya for nearly more than 4 years. Back in Graduation, we have been into a full time project and that was the time when I started liking her for the way she is. One day, during the project review I got a call from Priya.

Hello Jay? Priya here. I have been waiting for you near the convention hall. Where were you idiot?! Priya kept shouting. Giving me no time to respond.

I am almost there. Will be there in 5 minutes. I said and turned the call off.

I have the habit of being late for such reviews and priya usually does her job of shouting at me for my routine act. It was the final review and priya wants me to make this one a big success. It was usually her part of preparing the concept and I am the one who directs the demo.

By the time I reached the hall, priya was looking furious at me for making it even more late as I preferred having a plate of Idly before running towards the auditorium. It was that I failed to have my breakfast and I cannot miss having it before I do my final presentation.

I am surely going to kill you after the presentation and now please come in and take your material out. We are the next batch. Priya orders me this time.

I just love the way she does everything. No matter how serious she is, I always love her with all my heart. She is such a darling.

Priya lives in Chennai with her granny. Priya’s mom and dad lives in Hebbal, Karnataka. They have some business which kept them busy. 

While Priya is having some good time in her granny’s house which is a giant family. They are a people of 10. And they always have whole lot of fun and celebrate festivals which is hard to beat. I would just love to spend time with her family. But never got such opportunity so far. I wish one day I could.

Batch No. 44 it is. Come fast. Priya said and left. Breaking my thoughts midway.

I got up and quickly flipped through the pages of the project material and made up myself for the big event to accomplish. I never wanted to make priya feel lost after performing so well for the review sessions.

As I started up with the proceedings and the core concept, Priya went on with the pros and cons of the project. After 20 good minutes we are out of the hall with a smile on our faces. Guess what?! A clean cent does make one smile for sure. 

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