Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Mr. The Moron

The worst thing a person can do to himself is that hating him the most for what he had done earlier. I mean regretting for his past mistakes and taking the pain in the present. There is no future. You see, life isn't easy at all. You need to fight for a better life just like every others do. I have seen people working day in and day out for a good life. And they have been blessed with everything they wanted. They got their work's worth. 

There is this guy named Javed. Never in my life I had met someone like him. He is capable of making crap out of everything. He talks shit, lives in shit. No wonder, people will never wanted him to be around. It's not that he is the same every time. He is actually good as a person. Some incidents in life had just turned him into being stubborn and a moron.

The more you dig into Javed's life the more surprises coming your way. You wouldn't get a good impression on him when you get to meet him once. You can't really judge a book by it's cover can be applied in this situation. Similarly, You can never judge a person's abilities by his looks. 

Javed worked as a financial broker in the past. He lived in the life of Dollars, Pounds and Euros. He is Intelligent, Talented and smart. He had traveled nearly close to 18 countries all his life and there are still 13 on his To-Visit-List. Just with the fact that he loves traveling. He goes on such holidays every six months. No matter what. 

It was Ben Richardson who is Business Head of the company where Javed worked. Earlier Javed and Richardson were involved in a project deal. They both drove the company into profits. Despite few mistakes from Javed side made Richardson the Business head in less time. And now there is a GAP between them. Yet, they are still the same when it comes to work. They work together and Javed has always been good to his Business Head. 

Mr. Javed. I would like to see you in the conference hall in about ten minutes. We need to talk. Said Richardson walking towards his cabin. 

Richardson is a hard man at work. It is never fun to work with him. Having been the Business Head of the Company he never wanted to give up. He needs everything to be just perfect. Richardson got married to Lady Berg 4 years ago and visits house often. Just the fact that he lives away from home all the time. He spends half his time in Air bus travelling all over. Money man. We can say. 

Hola! Mr. Richard. How have you been?. I wish you would receive the docket in 4 days time. I have been constantly looking at the process for the last 12 hours. Said Javed making his way into the conference hall. 

Yup! I am doing good. Great Actually. And Yeah I am hoping for the docket to arrive soon. Let us wait. Between there is a UK trip coming this season. It's a big deal. I wanted you to be the Team lead. Prepare yourself and make sure you have got the best resources by your side. I wanted this to be Grand. The turnover is huge. Got it?. Mr. Richardson finishes and lifts a glass of water after having spoken for 5 good minutes. 

Yep! I got that. I am in. Will look into this on my way back home. I have got to go now. Will see you in the cabin. Adios! 

That one trip to UK has got something to do with Javed's life. What happened in UK?. Does Richard have his share in this trip?. Does this trip mean to destroy Javed as a person?. Sources say Javed committed to suicide at UK. Why was that?. Is that all true?. 


The Mr. The Moron is now a latest thing in my blog. A serial you could say. I will be making it as chapters. You can always read the posts related to "The Mr. The Moron" with just one click. Will provide you the link in the next chapter. Feel absolutely free to comment your views. I would like to hear from you. 

Thank you. 

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