Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Clicks. Blog Marathon (Post-9)

With two days to Go for the end of Blog marathon I had already fallen sick of making at least of one post a day for the last 8 days. I will be so very pleased with the kinda effort I have put in making blog posts consistently for the last one week. I am happy with the way how things are really turning out when it comes to blogging. 

There isn't great happening around me for the last 15-20 days. I kept myself away from everything I could. I just wanted to make some peace for myself. So the only way I can make up my time is by reading Books. There you go I have done reading with Come On Inner Peace. I don't Have All Day! by Sachin Garg. You can also find the review post in my Blog. Do read it and comment your views at the space provided. 

Here are a few Random clicks from my Nokia Lumia 520. 

The above pic was clicked in the backyard of my home in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. In summer you can find loads of mangoes hanging on to the branches. During winters its gives you a complete greenery look. Bliss. 

Here is the full view. 

We have a wide variety of tress planted in our backyard.

Me with my brother at Chutney's, Hyderabad. Clicked during my recent visit. I personally liked this pic much better than any other in the recent times. I had a rough kinda look in this one where every other pics have a clean decent look. 

I always had that thing of doing my best when it comes to cooking. "King of Fries making" is what I have been told by my family. I do make fries better than anyone does in my family. At least I feel so. 

In Making! 

This is how it looks after making.

Crispier than ever. Trust me.

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