Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 Good Hours in a Day! Blog Marathon (Post-3)

If 180 minutes can make a difference then this day will be one such day. I had been to an interview today in the morning and was up for a movie in the evening with my brother. It was planned such way. I was sure of having a better day compared to the last few days. In the morning when I got up there are just 3 things rolling on my head. Firstly my loved one, Interview and the movie I am all excited to watch. And I must say it didn't disappoint me in any way. 

Firstly If  I have to say about my interview. It all went well until the HR intentionally asked me about the salary expectation. Being a fresher you have very little to deal with when you were asked about something which you cannot easily measure. I looked around for a while and uttered 2.5 Lakh Annually.?. With the biggest confusion on my face not knowing whether if I made a right call or a wrong one. I could see the HR smiling at me and saying how can you expect such huge pay from our company without any experience while I'm drawing just 1.8 Lakh per year. I was taken aback. I thought this is not going to work for me. I carried some conversation with him and left the room once after the interview was done. I had enough fun with the HR. I really liked the way how it all went. And when I am back on road all I was thinking about was the movie I'm going to watch in the evening. The excitement is getting bigger. 

Here we Go!! BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG! The time I entered into the Audi I could see all seats filled up and the people started roaring for Farhan Akhtar. They were actually getting crazy about him. At least I'm crazy to watch the one. Having heard of all the hype this movie has created I thought of to watch it for once. The Background scores got me goosebumps. I am actually enjoying every frame of it. Credits to the director of the movie. 

I wondered how in the world I could understand every dialog in the movie without having much of a knowledge in Hindi. Though I could read and write the language I couldn't speak or understand much of it. I seriously lacked in that area. But thankfully its Tuesday. Every multiplex in the city screens Hindi movies with subtitles on that particular day. I'm Glad! I made it today. Felt lot comfortable with the subtitles. 

My take on the movie.

I personally learned a lot from this movie. Having come across such a painful past Milkha Singh proved that he was a gifted athlete. The amount of hard work, determination and will power made him a true champion. The movie was more of inspiration. I just simply loved watching it on a BIG screen as I don't watch Hindi movies much on a BIG screen. This one was indeed special. 

A Must watch movie for everyone who wanted to do some BIG things in life. You will surely be moved with this one. It just gives you a gentle push towards your goals and dreams. Dreams do come true. Believe me! 

My Rating: 4.6/5 

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