Thursday, August 8, 2013

Under the Corporate Ladder!

"Started to Office. I have been waiting for so long for this status update to come. And Finally, the day has come. Day 1 at work place. Happenings of the day will straight away turn into a blog post. See you at 7PM. Adios Amigos!"  

This is what my Facebook wall showed today morning! I was ecstatic about to start life a fresh. A lot of things kept tossing and turning in my mind. I let them toss and turn. 

The feeling of getting into Job was almost like a 4 year old kid who got admitted into kindergarten. Everything seems to be so new. You have no idea what corporate life is all about. It's time to learn everything from the scratch. 

When I have been employed by so and so company the first thing that came into my mind was "I have been trusted for my ability. I need to give my 100% for the company's growth. I will have to be a trusted resource."

I was at Mc Donald’s, Navalur. When I have received my offer letter stating the date of joining will be August 8. I am with two corporate lads well versed in their own ways. One works for Accenture and the other for Excelacom Technologies. They both were happy for me. Infact, they welcomed me into the world of corporate with a large coke and crispy pops a new feature from MCD’s. I felt a lot happier.

4 days passed by. I have prepared myself for the BIG time. I kept thinking, I kept reading, I kept talking to everyone who pinged me on Facebook. Haha! I do speak to everyone. It’s just a matter of time. People close to me are happy with the fact that I have come to know my true calling. I felt pretty much relaxed! Last 2 months aren’t good at all. Sufferings from those 60 days can visibly seen on my face. I somehow managed to hide it during the interview sessions. At last I have got through. Cracked! Sealed! Whatever you can say.

As a “Content Writer” I will be writing for the company called “Webpen Solutions” where the company is well known for the development of themes for WordPress. It’s one of the leading Themes development company.

I will be writing for the company’s official blog. Whenever a new theme launches I will have my role to play. A lucid way of writing which is acceptable for all categories of people will be used in blog. A lot of effort has to be put in while writing the content for the company’s website. My writings will be the mode of communication between the clients and servers.

For me, writing never comes natural. I have started my own blog after getting inspired from fellow bloggers. I have penned down quite a few of my ideas and I have got enough of appreciation. I am really thankful for that. But this is entirely different with what I have done in the last 12 months. What started as to be a passion has now transformed into profession. From now, I have to live on this. I am excited at the same time nervous about what good I am going to do in the days to come?. Am I capable of pleasing the clients to buy our themes? Time will have answers for these questions.

With that  I have fulfilled 2 bullet points from my “Resolutions 2013” post with only 1 point left. That was being a published Author. I guess, that will be somewhere round the corner. All I need to do is to keep the thing in mind and work accordingly. You see, this is one kind of being a published author. I am now called to be as published writer. Seems pretty similar. Isn’t it?. Haha. I will be working on my Fiction very soon. “The Sambar city” isn’t out of order yet. I will place that back on track in quick time.  

And now updating my blog at workplace makes me giggle a bit. I have a lot of reading to do. Technically content wise. Feels good to learn new things. Will be updating my personal blog whenever I find time. See you. Adios Amigos!


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