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The Pressure Factor.

The continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it. Is what Wikipedia says about the term pressure. Having been under intense pressure for nearly 30 odd days I decided to take on it. I will be providing some instances which I actually came across with my outer introspection over the last few days. And my illustrations are as follows.
1. What makes oneself drag into pressure?.
2. What can pressure actually do to oneself?.
3. Is depression the advanced version of pressure?.
4. What depression can do to oneself?.
5. Ways to get out of depression?.
6. Realization.
7. Back to winning ways.
Okay, these are the 7 questions I will be focussing on today's post. I will be giving my version of thoughts for the above which can really help you to shape yourself better. Or at least I feel it would help you. If not, kindly ignore. If you have a better version than mine, kindly comment your version of thoughts at the space provided below.
What makes oneself drag into pressure?.
You see, Pressure is now everywhere. The very first time I heard of pressure factor came under the voice of Indian Cricket greats Navjot Singh Siddhu, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastry. They have mastered the art of analysing the game. They say Dhoni keeps his head cool under pressure. And the success lies behind that coolness in his head. It's not that he applies Navaratan and all such stuff. It's all in his head. He prepares to go all out. There is a bit of fortune in that. But in the end he is a successful captain.

When you were asked to do more than what you actually can. When you were asked to do something which you cannot really do by heart but you were forced to do so. You feel a bit of pressure to accomplish that one task. It  almost seems to appeal like an uphill task. If you happened to get through then you would consider yourself as a Go-Getter. 
What if you failed to accomplish that one task?. You're under pressure. If the intensity of that particular task is high. Then you are surely going to push yourself into that pressure zone which can tear you apart in the later phase.
 What can pressure actually do to oneself?.
Once you're into pressure it means you are totally out of your comfort zone. You fail to recognize the areas where you were actually good at. You start to feel yourself as under rated. If you are pushed into a situation of do-or-die. The proximity levels of losing is very much on cards. You start to compare yourself with your fellow mates and dig yourself deep when you see others winning everything just like the way it is. Earlier which seems to be a cake walk for you never looks the same now. You find everything changing in less time. You prepare yourself to stay alone. Much in darkness. Negative thoughts start to take control of your mind. Finally you find yourself hopeless.

Is depression the advanced version of pressure?.
Yes it is. Severe despondency and dejection, accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. Is what Wikipedia says about depression. I wanted to make it so very clear to all the readers what I was actually talking about so I thought Wikipedia can give me the accurate definition.
If you have been under pressure for reasonable amount of time and if you find no other way out then  the chances of getting into depression is very much on cards. In this phase you will run out of your senses at times. Decision taking capability will turn to disable mode. You cannot stand on your own foot. It's just because you are very much worried about one thing that's rolling on your head for a long time. You surely need to have an expert by your side. Else, You will run out quickly.

What depression can do to oneself?.
You are on the threshold of facing the biggest battle of life. You're lost in thoughts. You never know when you feel asleep and when you keep awake. You are no longer under the control of yourself. You are being operated under the guidance of internal mind set which holds the virus called as depression. You struggle to find an anti virus for cleaning the depression but fails to find one. The more you stay in the depressed zone higher the chances of losing your value time on earth. Needless to say, You will even feel like ending your life just right then. There you see, the term called SUICIDE comes in. People will realize that as one best option to get rid of depression.

Ways to get out of depression?.
I will again say. It's all in your head. The quicker you understand what you were actually going through the better you can make yourself move out of it. You need to keep yourself among a group of people. Need to spend much time on what you are interested at. Generate positive vibes. Make a habit of reading books. There are plenty of books within your reach and you can get them at a reasonable pay. If you're bored of Non-Fiction go with Fictions. Relate yourself with the protagonist in the book. Focus your mind on everything you do. And then, write whatever hits your mind. pen it down. The more you write the better you feel. Sooner or later YOU will be back to NORMAL.
Once you realized what you had overcome, you will feel the necessity of sticking with what you had done and not to get back into what makes you feel like a hell. You will slowly start to look at things and generate confidence within yourself. For now, you are experienced. You know what to do and what not to do. So you will prepare yourself much better than you did earlier.

Back to winning ways.
Confidence keeps you winning. It provides a way to get you back on track. Winning is not just enough. You need to make a habit of winning consistently. And the way I see, You are a WINNER.
Finally I did make a post after a long time. First post on my HP Pavillion G6. Many more to follow.
I was actually going through a phase of depression for the last 30 days I can say. So I know the pain, I know it all better than others do. I cried out of my heart many a times in the last few days for my hopelessness. In short I even had tears rolled down my cheeks minutes before I started writing this post. All I'm doing for now is reading as much as I can, writing as much as I wish.
This depression of mine will remain as a painful memory forever.

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