Thursday, July 18, 2013

Put-O-Put. Blog Marathon (Post-5)

Chaya Aunty was busy making her morning breakfast while Chinni was half-a-sleep and pretending as if she was ill so that she can happily take a leave from school. Meanwhile ramu uncle got himself completely involved reading his daily newspaper and started shouting at chaya aunty to get him his morning coffee. 

Rita aunty lives next door to chaya aunty's. Rita aunty's family hailed from karnataka 3 years back and rita aunty had absolutely no command over the local language. They are a family of 3. Ramesh uncle works for some bank in Chennai and her only son neeraj was now in his 8th standard. 

As a part of their daily acts both Rita and Chaya Aunty had to work earnestly from early morning 5 to 8. Make sure they prepare breakfast and lunch for their kids and hubbies. Once they are done with their daily rituals they were left all alone in home until the clock hits 4 and 7 respectively.

Put-O-Put deals with the humorous conversation that takes place between a local and a non-local aunty. 

Chaya aunty and Rita aunty keeps bantering about each and every happenings of their day be it what chinni did when she got up from bed and Rita aunty says about what her son neeraj did while he was in school. Nothing productive comes out from these chats but I proudly say if you have a good sense of humor you will laugh out loud by listening to their conversations. 

Here we go with one of such conversations: 

Chaya: Good morning ma. 

Rita: Good morning ya. 

Chaya: You did breakfast ma?! What you make it?! I make dosa today. 

Rita: I make idly. Neeraj eats idly today. Ramesh go office early today. 

Chaya: Okie ma. What you make for Lunch?! I make Sambar. 

Rita: Sambar boring ya. I making coriander pickle. Ramesh like it and took it in lunch. 

Coriander pickle?! Yes. Rita aunty had hit a jackpot here. Chaya aunty was wondering what Coriander was all about. She was now in a fury to hit back at Rita aunty. 

Chaya: Oh!! How you do ma?! Ramu like it. He eat some where. You make it how?! 

Rita: You put coriander leaves in a jar. Put some water into it. Make paste it. Put some oil in a pan. Fry the paste. Put some masala to it. Put some all needed seeds in that. Put salt. That's it ya.

In the process Chaya aunty listens keenly to what Rita aunty says as if some top chef from Taj Fisherman's Cove is in full flow revealing all the secrets of their Quality making.

Chaya: Oh!! Okie. Very simple ma. I make it with some other leaves. And you make with coriander leaves. Chinni no like this so I will not make it. Your neeraj will eat uh?!

Rita: Yes. It is healthy ma. So we ate that every week.

With that Chaya aunty has lost the battle at the morning encounter. It's better she leaves for now and comes back with full flow the other time around.

Chaya: Okay ma. I wash clothes now. Many are there. Bye.

Rita: Okay ya.

They go back to their respective homes and keep busy fulfilling their homely needs. They both once again recalls what had happened in the morning session chat and who have the slightest advantage. And they make their points clear which points have to be made when the afternoon session resumes.

Being the local lady Chaya aunty wants everything to be under her control and she wins most of the times over poor Rita aunty. When chinni was back home at 4 chaya aunty wants Rita to be out so that they can exchange some words if she was dominated earlier in the day. Fortunately Rita aunty having no other work she keeps herself available at the entrance clearly stating that we can have our second round which can now be witnessed by chinni.

The conversation goes this way.

Chaya Aunty initiates.

Chaya: Chinni's teacher said she got first rank in class. Last time they conduct exam and she is first.

Rita: Oh!! Good ma. What marks she get in the exam?!

Chaya: 90/100. Correction did so tough ma. So only less marks she get.

Rita: Hmmm. Neeraj get 95 in last exam. He always study in school.

Chaya: Chinni also like that. She hears class well ma so she get marks good.

Okay now this was going worse. Rita can no longer boast about his neeraj and lead the conversation to nowhere. So there must be some stop here and let Rita take the initiative this time.

Rita: Ok ya. I have work. I will go now.

Chaya: Oh! Okie. Bye ma.

This is how it all goes when two aunties of different frequency and wavelength catches up. Really. It's fun to be around. Hope you enjoyed reading the post :)

With that I'm done with today's post. See you tomorrow with a new post :)

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