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Come On, Inner Peace. I Don't Have All Day! Blog Marathon (Post-7)

Samar Garg lost his peace, after his beloved passed away. 

Navya Sharma abandoned her peace, in the hands of drugs. 

Vandana doesn't want to let go off her peace, but destiny has other plans for her. 

We are all looking for peace of mind, So are they. 

An adventure which began at the Ashram, in Rishikesh, becomes one of the most soul crunching journeys ever! 

Will they find out what they are looking for?. Will they find inner peace?. 

Will in the process of reading this book, you find out a thing or two about yourself?.

This is what you will find at the back of this book. So called to be as a description in short. The moment I read the description I went on ordering the copy for me via Flipkart and the minute I had the copy in my hands I'm all dying to read the one. Just hoping whether this could get me some peace to myself. 

I was almost on a verge of losing my hope and everything in my life so far seemed incomplete when someone so important and close to me intentionally moved away from me, leaving me in an absolute darkness. I felt a void in my life that very moment. I hated myself the moment I let her go. My case was absolutely different in comparison with others. I loved her with all my heart. But you see, destiny has something more to do with my peace. I still believe that she did the right thing leaving me behind but I don't think it's the right way or the right time to act so. The moment I needed her the most she is not with me anymore. I am shattered. I am dejected. I am lost. 

It took me 15 hard days to realize what I was up to. I looked completely lost and with an unshaved beard I looked scary enough. I was doing so much to myself adding a bit of publicity to it on Facebook for which I had to regret later on. I thought there must be an end to this dark side. I wanted myself to be back in normal.

The cover photo of Sachin Garg's latest very much appealed to me. I went on reading that finding some inner peace to myself. In the process of reading the book I could clearly relate myself with Samar at some phases. I may not really know how it feels like taking up the death of his/her's loved one. But I know, it surely kills inside. It was one such phase one has to come out quickly. I wish there is CTRL + ALT + DEL button available for such situations in life. 

There will be some episodes in the Ashram at Rishikesh where Samar goes to find his inner peace. He meets Vandana, Guruji and wonders how can these two help him find his peace. But later he finds himself involved in a mission where there is no look back. Hunt for Navya begins. With Vandana by his side he believes he can get Navya back in his life. Required amount of twists and turns will be coming your way while reading and I wanted to make sure I don't reveal any of the thing in this review post. 

The end is the same as I expected it to be. Vandana was in peace, Navya was in peace. But something is still bothering Samar Garg. Guruji is having is hard time to make him realize what he was actually through. By the time readers come to dead end of reading this book they will surely realize what Samar actually did during his time at Ashram and what he did during the adventure of getting Navya out from Meth and making her get back in normal. The balancing act by Samar took me by surprise. Finally, he will be able to connect the dots which means he has finally found his inner peace. 

If you ask me for the best lines from the book, Here they are. 

You know what is the worst thing in the word?.
You are amidst this crowd, a swarm of people, 
who think they connect with you,
Every one of them, in their own way. 
But in reality, you are being ripped apart,
Connecting with each one of them. 

It is a constant struggle to connect with someone, 
To be heard, to be understood, to be loved, to be accepted.

And it is done with a glimpse of hope,
That someone from these known and unknown faces,
Will hear you out, someone with a warm and Genuine smile,
Will touch your heart. 
And that's precisely when, perhaps, you would say,
'Yes, this is me.'

If you really wanted to read this one, you better read "Never Let me Go" which is a prequel to this one. And then go with "Come on Inner Peace" which is by the same author. Sachin Garg. I must say Sachin Garg has produced a master piece. 

It is here available for just Rs.52/-  (A fries at Mc Donald's or a book with everything in it?. It's up to you to decide) 

Rating: 4.8/5 

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