Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday No.2

Wordless Wednesday is a weekly post which I had started long back but didn't follow up much with the start. Here I'm on course of getting the weekly posts back on track.

1. Below pic was clicked at Marina Beach, Chennai. It's close to 3 n half yrs since I made it to any beach. I find no peace in beaches anymore. But at times it's heaven.

2. When you are broken down into pieces believe me listen to music. It works.

3. It's important to make sure you keep yourself in the driver seat of your life. Else someone is going to takeover.

4. Every time I get hurt I learn something new. Which I call as lessons from life.

5. Hope is what keeps me going!

6. A coffee with a nice book in hand can take you to a new world where you alone have the license to enjoy!

7. This one will always remain best in my list. When everyone ask me which step have you reached today?! I can proudly say "I WILL DO IT" Whatever come may I am doing this. Just one feet away from success and I am willing to take than one complete step in my life.

Thank you.

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