Thursday, March 21, 2013

Creative Blogger Award.

In response to Suneetha Dasari who nominated me to the Creative Bloggers list. I wanted to thank you for finding some kind of creativity in me. I don't even know whether anything of such exist in me. 

Initially when I came to know that I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award I thought they would call me up and inform that you won this and that. Or else I expected to receive a mail from them saying you are nominated and you deserve a Gift voucher worth some precious amount and you can explore Higginbothams and get whatever you want. Haha I went deep down. But there is nothing of that kind. When Suneetha clarified me on what these awards are about I came to understand finally that these awards are meant to encourage the bloggers so that they keep writing better stuff. And yes I'm pleased with what Suneetha said. The concept was new to me and I really liked it. At least I must admit that because I had one such award by now.

I Googled for creative blogger's image and Glad I have found one. 

Okay now there are some questions to be answered by the nominees which means I have to do my part. Suneetha had set 4 nice questions to all the nominees. 


1. what are the things that make you smile ? 

Can't say one thing alone which makes me smile. There are plenty. For instance when I see school kids I laugh at them. It remembers me of my days. And when I find someone leaving a comment after reading my blog. Whatsoever the comment was. I always listen what people had to say me. 

2. Your Favorite book?

I have a list of favorite books. Once again it's hard to pick one. When it comes to romance I loved reading "If It's not Forever" by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh and when it comes to Humorous one I like "LOSER" by Dipen Ambalia, coming to story oriented it's Preeti Shenoy all the way. "The Secret Wish List" and "Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake" and finally when it comes to emotional ending it was "Till The Last Breath" by Durjoy Datta. (Believer me a tear rolled down my cheek when I read the last few lines of the book)

3. If you are a politician what will you do to the people?

This is something which I never thought of. Firstly I never wanted to become a politician. Just in case if I happened to be the one I would personally make a team of my own which can serve people for a better purpose. More importantly would like to upgrade all the systems in my office so that work can be done easily. I always find some schemes organized by the politicians makes completely no sense to the public. I will be eliminating all that. 
4. You are allowed to ask only one wish to god, what will you ask?

God's been so kind to me at times and I never pray god to give me sufficient money and all that. I find it funny though. I always keep on asking god to bless everyone and do good to the people who deserve.  And I have the habit of asking god to shower some luck on me so that I can clear my exams. Somehow it works most of the times. 

With that I'm done answering all the questions what Suneetha had asked me. I guess I answered them properly so that I could pass this test with flying colors. Haha. Once again thanks for nominating me. It really means a lot. 

Thank you. 

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  1. hi Jayanth, congrats for the award.
    your answers are really nice. you passed the test :p


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