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A Ravin's Story that Touched my Heart.

Last ten days was all about Ravin-Kushi and last night was about Ravin-Simar. To give you all a brief understanding of what I'm going to talk about through this post was how Ravinder Singh's "I Too Had a Love Story and Can Love Happen Twice" happened to be a National Best seller. To make things very clear I find myself in the shoes of Ravin while reading. Not completely but partially.

"Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it." 

When Ravin said 'I love you' it meant forever. Not just the kind of love stories that we come across these days. I find budding lovers everywhere and wonder how many of these stories will last longer. Hardly not even 10% share of all these stories will have a happy ending.

Love stories now are more of a requirement than care and affection. I find no love in their stories. When I made some kind of survey on love stories of the recent trend I came across some unexpected responses from those close friends who wanted to get into a relationship and start their love life.

Here we Go!

Me: Hey hi. How are you doing?!

I name the one in-love person as Shantanu.

Shantanu: Yeah. I'm doing good. Thank you.

Me: So wassup?! You seemed to keep busy all time with your mobile. And you are missing all the time at weekend meetings.

Shantanu: Yeah boss. I have got into a relationship now and I hardly find time to turn up to the weekend meetings.

Me: Oh!! That's great Shantanu. Btw how was the life going now?! You are having some good time na?!

Shantanu: Nahi dude. Initially it went good but I'm slowly losing interest with this one.

Me: Hmm. What's the point in losing interest?! You are into this with so much of love.

Shantanu: Yeah. But nothing going good between us. We have lot of things in common when we are good friends. But now it changed. I'm finding difficult with her needs. She never comprimises with me.

Me: So what next?! The Break-up are you looking for?!

Shantanu: Not really. I don't know how to initiate this point with her. I can't let her Go! Yet I can't adjust with her. I'm Confused!!

Me: Hmm. That's okie. Will catch up sometime later. Take care. Don't take wrong steps. Sort out the issues.

This is how the love stories these days are running. They don't believe in each other and they don't even know to where their relationship was heading to. I say majority are in a Confused-State-of-being-In-Love.

They come up with a lot of expectations in the beginning and once they get fulfilled they slowly realize that there wasn't much hereafter. They will be understanding the fact that it was merely an attraction and hardly there is no love left between them. And that's how the differences arises. They start hating each other with the reasons which made them love long back.

I don't want to be a lover of this trend. Actually this love makes no meaning to me. True love is defined by Ravin in his masterpiece titled "I Too Had a Love Story" 

Ravin and Kushi made love through a matrimonial website. They made love through chats and calls until life put their love to the ultimate test. The way Ravin gathered all his words to shape it in a perfect book was nothing less than awesome. It already touched a Million hearts by now. I feel elated to be one among the million readers to witness what happened in the life of Ravinder Singh.

Having said that Ravinder Singh was an Author by chance. He never ever thought of getting into this world of fiction and create such a buzz in the Indian Fiction scene. But it all happened after he lost his Kushi back in 2007.

The words said by Ravin in his first book.

Dedicated to The loving memory of the girl whom I loved, yet could not marry. 

...Otherwise, I wouldn't have come across an author in me.

 The above lines from Ravin makes complete sense to me. I had been through the dark phase of my life. That was from 2009-2012 Mid. 3 years It was like hell. The only difference was he was admitted to rehabilitation center and I was left all alone. I felt intense longing for her love. The way I poorly believed in somebody's words that she means the world to me. Those words I asked them to repeat more and more when they say "I can see your love for her in your eyes" I was completely out of my senses by that time. 

I always wanted to talk to her, Yet couldn't gather enough courage. 
I always wanted to feel her fingers on my face. Yet it was just restricted to my dream.
I always wanted to keep staring at her. I can't get her off my eyes. 
I always wanted to protect her in my arms. When she was miles away from me. 
I always wanted to laugh like a kid when I listen to her innocent talks. 
I always wanted to love her like anything I did ever before. 

I love her and she love somebody. She is now making her path clear to get married to the guy of her wish and wanted to get settled in her love life. I'm going to lose her forever in my life. 

But I always feel great when it comes to writing. Had I not failed in this love with her I wouldn't have come across an author and an avid reader in me. To be precise reading and writing was not in my cup of tea. Never in my wildest dreams I thought of writing something where people gets connected to my writings. I have made some good friends in this journey of Fiction reading and Blogging. I explored many ways to get her off my thoughts and this one really worked well with me and it shaped me as a better person. 

If I happened to write a book of my own in the coming future I would surely dedicate my first work of fiction to her. Her name would appear first in the acknowledgements part. And that's the least I can do to her.

Note: I don't want to hurt anyone with the dedication part. There are many who helped me in getting over the so called serious trauma or the depression in simple words. Without them I'm nowhere into this scene. I would surely make an acknowledgements post once the time comes.

Thank you.


  1. cheater cock.....
    (furious)....I thought u wud dedicate it 2 d person u made u 2 get out of her thoughts....n who pushed u into the world of fiction...

    U r so insane Jayanth Majety....

  2. Btw ur post is good...n d poem u made is exclusively wonderful....

  3. Hey jayanth,
    You have just been awarded the "Creative Blogger Award"


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