Monday, April 8, 2013

Kollywood Wake Up!

Last evening I happened to watch one Tamil movie at a local theater in Chennai. The following 2 and half hours went awful and I regret for going with this one. Half way down the show I updated my status on Facebook showing my sheer disappointment with this movie and once I'm done with that some started hitting back. And so I decided to take on Tamil movies this way.

The movie was titled as "Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga" initially I thought the sounding was good and so the movie must be doing really good. When I checked with the theater I can see people pouring in as if the movie got released the same day. I'm impressed with the inflow and I'm excited to watch a Tamil movie in Cinemas after a long gap. Except that it wasn't.

Local theaters have their own good's and bad's. Budding lovers and oldies who can't afford for multiplex come here to watch the movie at a reasonable pay. Maintenance was at its worse with these theaters. One can split anywhere he wanted to. Air conditioner goes off in just 10mins after the show starts! 

Coming up with this movie "KBKR" I seriously wonder how these actors gave a nod to this story line and what made the producer go with this one. Okay let me tell you what made me so very furious about this particular film. 

3 guys played 3 lead roles in this movie where they struggle to get settled in life. Pressure from their families builds up on them and society does play its role at times. But, these 3 guys are happy enough to be Jobless and don't give a damn about their life. First half of the movie goes this way when 2 of the leads get stuck with girl of their life and will start trying to impress their girl with their senseless humor. 

The second half starts with the same pace. They still don't realize the importance of life. All they have in mind was to get married to the girl who has enough to feed this ass all his life. And they keep looking for that. And some political non-sense happens in the meantime when these two leads wanted to be the counselors of their respective areas and that will be an utter failure as expected!. I was looking for a change in these two guys so that the movie ends up quick. The moment came after horrible 20mins. One guy realizes when his father says a few words on his current position and passes away the same day. This guy replaces his fathers job and treats his father as his God. 

Done with one guy. The other guy was a little hard. He beats up his father with no second thought. And I surprisingly find audience applauding the scene. I still don't understand what kind of values these people follow. 

And this lead guy starts some bottle collecting and selling business and gets settled in life. Thank god! His father didn't passed way when he received death beatings from his son. After all they both get married to their girl of life and earn some respect in their homes and society. Finally the director comes to say that friend in a need is a friend in deed. Must be trying to say that people need to realize. I say the director needs to realize that he failed miserably in doing that.

Positives: Nothing much to find positives from this one. Some dialogs about friendship. Timing was good. 

Negatives: Poor direction, Poor songs, Poor production values, poor story line.

Note: Basically Tamil movies are hard to understand. They always go with the story. No matter how the hero and heroine looks. I wonder why they don't make-up their lead roles to make a difference. If you are new to Tamil Nadu you can find the difference. Hero's in the posters look too lean or else too bulk of their size with a dark colored skin, thick mustache, beard left unshaved, some local banyian and dark blue colored lungi with white stripes on it. Man they seriously look horrible in their outfits.

I have huge respect to the directors in Tamil Film Industry. I'm not against them. With the likes of Rajni Kanth, Kamal Hasan, AR Rehaman and a lot more. They have created an impact already. All I wanted to say is grow up with your ideas. Youth watching! Make movies for a better cause. Entertainment is necessary but not in this way. You wanted people to do nothing unless and until someone passes away and you realize after that?! Holy shit man. Try change your methodologies. Wake up!

Movie Rating: 1/5

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