Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Love" Chapter-5

It's never ever going to be easy getting out of your comfort zone. I know that. But I had no other option. The best part of living outside the city in which you lived all these years makes you nostalgic but it's the only time where you can witness what real world means to you and what role it plays in shaping you as a better person. Between Anu is still running in my thoughts. 

4 years passed by and nothing really changed with the past. The same Anu and the same thoughts. I also wonder she might have forgotten me totally. And to make things better I thought of moving to Chennai for my Graduation. New State, New Language, New People always excites me. By this idea I wanted to get Anu out of system totally and completely. Finally I got my train to the land of dreams.

Train no. 2711 Pinakini Superfast Express from Vijayawada to Chennai is ready to leave from Platform no. 1

The Announcement came from the Railways and not think much of anything I plugged my ear pods in and slipped into sleep. Some questions started raising in my mind. 

1. Do I need to move?!
2. What if I struggle to survive in a new city. 
3. Can I really make a good impression there?!
Huh! I already got an admission there. So I have to make a move on. I thought to myself. It's nothing more difficult than my lost love. I made myself calm down with those words. 

Train no. 2711 Pinakini Super fast Express from Vijayawada to Chennai  has arrived on Platform no. 8 

This time the Announcement came from Chennai's end. I find no difference in these announcements. Everywhere they sound similar to the other. I took a quick look at the surroundings and made a mind that this is going to be my home for the next 4 years. 


My first day of College at Chennai started with this fancy number. I never had a thought of what Chennai had in stock for me. But I'm all ready to accept what this college and city offers to me. Day-1 at college was quite normal. I see people running here and there with books and files in hand. They looked professional in their blazers. I made a quick look at the infrastructure and felt ok-ok kind of college I was into.

You can never compare your life with movies. The one blockbuster that shook Tollywood in the year 2007 was Happy Days by Sekhar Kammula. It was quite opposite with my college lifestyle. 

Not so good-looking-girls too. Huh! I can clearly sense that I landed at a wrong place. :( When I was about to lose everything she came into my life. As a ray of hope. With her I felt like aiming skies. I strongly started believing she means a lot to me. But I never thought she has something to say which can pin me down to earth and tear my heart into pieces.


End of Chapter-5

Welcome to "Love". In case you are new and do not know what "Love" is all about. Here is the link and you can read all my posts related to "Love" where I end up tagging the titles with Chapters.

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