Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Love" End of Series

"Love" series is all about reminisces of my early days. It feels great whenever I write and publish a chapter in my blog. Some part of me always feels proud for how good my childhood days are. 

I had never received such a response for any of the posts I did except for this love series which I'm making it in a chapter pattern. And the story line was completely of my own and I don't need to think much of how to highlight certain portions of the protagonist so that every chapter takes an interesting turn. It was completely true and very close to my heart. And that might be the reason why "love" remains on top with 1204 views and subjected to increase the count in time. 

I hereby wanted to declare that there will be no chapters coming in this series of "love" now it's all done and dusted! 

 I don't know why I'm so connected to Facebook all the time. May be it was her who held the responsibility of teaching me the basics in Facebook when I was all new back in 2010. Yeah. Today I'm in Facebook not because it was doing well globally, not because we can flirt with any girl of our wish, not because we can play any number of games freely. It's because she had an account in Facebook. With no second thought I was into Facebook and as expected she happened to be the first friend of mine. 

My mobile flashed with an unknown number at around 11:40PM and when I checked with the message it was Anu. After 7 long years I felt like some pure luck was just around the corner. But it's not. Something very horrible was just about to come my way. I had no other way to go. I need to accept. 

After what makes a serious conversation with Anu I was left dumbfounded at her response. I tried my best to make her understand what she means to me. She waited patiently for me to complete. And now its her turn and she broke the news. 

"I can no longer be available on Facebook for chats and I can't even make time for friends hereafter. I was getting married this summer and it's all over for now." 

-She finally declared! 

180sec. I couldn't figure out what I had just heard. Is that true?! May be yes. May not be yes. I can't think much of what she said but I know that I lost something more precious in life which can never ever comeback to me. 

I don't know what to reply now. You have been good to me all the time. All I can say is I'm sorry for you. 

I replied! 

It's okie. Good Night. 

Came the message from Anu in no time. 

I don't understand how in the world I can have a great night after finding myself again in that so called depression. Seriously I felt a bit heavy last night. I don't want to sleep and I don't want to weep. I wanted to be alone and fortunately I'm alone all the time. 

I kept thinking why it happens to me all the time. Probably I'm not luck with the concept of love. May be yes. Not every love story has a great ending. Some are enough to shake you up for lifetime. My story is one of that kind. 

In simple words I will miss Anu lifetime. 

This is what my Facebook timeline showed. 
"Last night. I cried like a 2 yr old kid. Yes. After 3yrs I'm finding tears rolling down my cheek. I was shell shocked!! :'( Some facts are hard to digest. I will miss you life time. :'("

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  1. ufffffhhh itz too touching..
    life isn't bout pleasing otherz,itz bout making the best of the life you were given,you r you!!..keep


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