Friday, March 15, 2013

And That's How It All Happened.

24th June 2012. The day I first blogged about a friend of mine who celebrated his 21st birthday in Chennai. I never ever thought I would keep blogging consistently till date. Now I have been in this world of blogging for 10 months and I have made 53 blog posts for now. I'm happy with the way how this was going. I'm getting some readers coming in and responding to my writings. That always makes me feel so happy.

When I first pen down a post titled "My Life My Crush" I was in some serious trouble and that shook me up. It was my experience with life. The words are more out of pain and loss. I felt low. And months later I came up with "The Break-up" it went good. And this post paved a way for my writing abilities. Friends of mine asked me these questions repeatedly "Is this your story?!", "Why don't you try writing a book?!"  Your writing was so simple and I can relate myself to the story. Keep writing more.

The idea was good but Can-I-do-that?! constantly rolled in my mind and later it was moved aside. I kept writing other stuff and I got used to these words. I never took them seriously. I still have a serious doubt of whether I can really write a book?! And this man comes from nowhere. And that's Dipen Ambalia.

Dipen Ambalia is an Author of National Best Seller "Life Of a Software Engineer" (LOSER) and "In Their Shoes" and now his 3rd book "To B.E and Not to B.E" was hours away for the pre-order links to get published on his timeline and also in his website.

LOSER will be the second quickest book I have read all my life. Being a very slow reader I finished reading his book in 12 hours. I was laughing all the way. The book has enough fun in it. I say it's worth reading!

And now I wanted to write a book.  

I hereby unveil the cover of my book.


 And the second one! 

The above are the sample cover photos of "The Sambar City"  I want all my readers to check with the cover photos and comment which looks better. And I repeat this is just a sample. Best is yet to come. And to get into the details of the book. It deals with all the humors aspects of the city and so this will contain whole lot of fun. And you can have enough of love and all others stuffed in this single book. For now I believe that I can make this happen. I can make this sample post as a reality. With the support of Dipen and all my readers I once again believe I can do this.

Need your wishes!!

Thank you!! :)


  1. Jay.....
    The first cover, makes readers think what is the book all about?why does the cover hold so many questions? and this might make the reader curious to know the content of the book...

    while the second one also looks good which takes your readers through a ride for the sambar city :)

    Tell me which best suits the story of the book...Difficult to choose one out of two as both are good... lets see what the other readers prefer :)Go with the maximum choice yaar !

    But i feel the First one will be good... am excited to know what the book says to these questions in the cover :)

  2. Jay...

    Comeon.. the moment has come.. Atlast you have decided to start a book.. that's very good of you..

    Coming to the Cover page of the book,
    I too feel the first one looks good and meaningful compared to the second one..


    I wish you a very good luck

  3. Jayanth,

    I wish you all the good luck ra. And the title of the book "Sambar City"

    Both the cover pages looks good. But choose the one which suits the best :-)

  4. i go for the 1st...

    Way to Go ra....

    All the Best... :)

  5. so glad man... happy for you.. glad you chose Sambar city as the name...;-)... the first one is good but you need to make it more attractive... try getting help some good artist or designer and also make the quotes on the cover catchier...

  6. WOW...Thats just great. here I smell all the frustrations of your life in chennai huh??
    these covers are just your first drafts, you will achieve an awesome cover by bringing up more drafts.

  7. good one Jayanth.... I would love to taste this sambar soon :) ♥

  8. Hey, I'm Sandhya. Interesting journey. Your brother gave me your blog link, checked this post.. I'd also choose the first one. Keep posting! Good luck.

  9. yup as u explained me.... 1st one's more out of league....
    I hope u'll success in d way u chose.....
    All the best...:)

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  11. yaa u can do this jay2.....all the best for ur (sambar city)
    i think the 1st cover photo is good enough compared to the 2nd one..!
    gud luck=))


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