Sunday, March 22, 2015

What Happiness Means To Me?

Happiness is said to be as anything that brings smile to your face!

Today, as part of my routine, let’s get into little detail about finding and celebrating happiness.

In the materialistic world that we live in today, I have lately realized that, having a pet at home brings sheer joy to oneself.

Be it anything, spending some quality amount of time with them will keep mind refreshing and happy.

Let me share a quick and short incident that happened to me a month ago.

I was with my friend on my way back to flat after a tiresome weekend shopping. We were literally talking about doing something different every weekend. It’s like, we were feeling bored for a long time now and wanted to do things a little different. And it was when we passed by an aquarium shop which caught our attention.

Coincidence is that, we exchanged faces instantly and walked into the shop to get fishes. Both of us had experience with maintaining fishes and we were excited to get a couple today.

After 15 minutes of deliberation, we ended up with 2 different colored fishes with all the required stuff.

Once after we are done with that, we were expecting the final bill amount could be somewhere around 500-700. But what the shopkeeper told was surprising.

2 fishes with food + basin and stones costs 220 INR.

I was like, 220 INR? I never thought 220 INR could bring the amount of happiness and joy these fishes had given us.

Now, my day starts with looking at these for some time and also ends with the same. It became a routine to spend some time with them daily.

Thankfully, both the fishes are super-active till today.

-         Things like these bring a lot of smile to one’s face.

Likewise, spending quality amount of time with loved one makes life even more meaningful.

Calling up to friends with no proper reason and bantering for hours together is something that is more fascinating at times.

Helping out the one in needy brings a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

Two straw’s in one coke with your loved one is the best feeling one could experience.
Taking a ride in a rickshaw that you traveled when you are in your 10’s will bring back so many memories.  

Happiness that we get while bunking a class is irreplaceable.

Talking to an old friend after ages and recollecting the long lost memories defines the past memories well enough.

Getting brand new clothes to dad and mom will be the happiest feeling of all time.

Things like these undoubtedly bring smile to one’s face.

Without past and without memories, present holds no value.

 #IAmHappy #Happy #CocaCola 

Written as part of International Day of Happiness - Coca Cola 

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