Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Digital India : Let The New Era Begin !

When countries are progressing with Technology, it’s quite a bit unsettling to see a country like India taking the path relatively slow. But the good fact is that, India with its new government, taking the right steps to make complicated things look easier.

Digital India is all about providing the basic access of internet to citizens of the country. Also, the core aim of Digital India is to reduce the paper work system as much as possible within the next few years. In that case, people will need to have general awareness on how to access the internet.

As part of the process, the center aims to provide basic internet access to people across the country. And I think, that’s really a good move. At last, the dream of seeing India digitally enabled is taking its own shape.

But for all that to happen, a lot needs to be changed. The system needs a real big change. According to the current paper work system, citizens are supposed to spend a lot of time in getting the entries for many of their queries and requirements. Unfortunately, errors are in abundance.

So, first thing in place, the database needs a quick error check. With the advanced technology that we have today, cross checking and spell checking is no big deal.

India so far has been good at showcasing Entrepreneurial skills. So, founders of these needs to be called up and have to be put on board depending on the requirements. The government is really capable of making some big changes in the country today. Given the opportunity, I am more than sure about the start-up buddies making the mark.

A committee well versed with advanced features in terms of digital growth needs to contemplate on what needs to be done.

Not making things any complicated, it’s important to build a tool that will make it easy for people to reach out to the government at any given point of time.

A system that will monitor all the happenings and changes in the public sector will be a real move.

Passing out on a few keynotes or making any changes in the system, let people of the country know it via a portal that is accessible to all from anywhere.

Let get things done everything digitally than going back to the old traditional manual work which was now more than corrupted.

Why not come up with a protocol that will be a good entity for public as well as the government.  

Let people moderate everything that was happening on board. So far, there isn't anything like making it everything in the public domain. But with Digital India, let everything fall in place.

Make the complicated things easier. Let people get access to internet. Let them find themselves on Google. Making everything fast paced and close the doors for the traditional paper work system that has so far led the country only down.

Let the changes take place.

Let’s go digital with Digital India. 

Intel Supports Digital India Vision 
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