Saturday, March 14, 2015

Start A New Life In Chennai - The Hub of Opportunities

Change is the essence of life. I wonder, even till today, what if I had not moved to Chennai back in 2009. Where would I stand today if I had not taken that very step some 6 years back? A step that defines me completely today. A step I thought will change the course of my life forever. For fortunate reasons, it did change on a different stand.

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Instant changes that happens in one’s life will not be having a welcoming start. Likewise, Chennai didn't welcome me with a warm smile. Instead, it gave me a challenging smile. I had no other way but to take it.

In my case, first two years were like hell. You’d have no idea why in the world you are in a place like Chennai. Everything about the city will keep pushing you to find reasons to move out of the city in quick time. I've seen people who struggled to get adapted to Chennai living style. But in the end, 7 out of 10 will end up leaving city if given the opportunity.

But I was there. Not waiting for the opportunity, but waiting for the right time to settle down. Learning the local language will be of great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to people in Tamil. A kind of proud feeling that I have now added Tamil to my list of languages.

6 years down the line, I am kind of addicted to this place. Which looked as a complete stranger’s place back in 2009 is now giving me the homely feel. The kind of attachment and bonding developed with people over here is something that is so special.

For me, Chennai is the hub of opportunities. It is a place where one can discover themselves. It is also a place where one can live life on their own terms.

Looking back at life, Chennai has given me opportunities all the time. Worked as a content writer for a start-up company has been one of the best feelings I ever had in the recent times. I so wish Chennai will be the new start-ups hub in India after Bangalore.

I discovered my writing thing only after I had moved to Chennai. Starting up a day with Sambar Idly and ending the same with “kara kuzhambu” will forever be the best meals of all time. No matter where I go, the love for authentic Chennai food will be with me till the end.

Also, Chennai is having its own quirks and twists. That peculiar behavior of people is for observation all the time. I did really enjoy my 4 years of engineering living with people of peculiar behavior.

So, if you are looking around for opportunities or a place where you think you can find your true place, then, Chennai is one city for you.

You may initially struggle, but rest will be history if you get your things right. #StartANewLife

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