Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look Up: Title Win After 15 Years

So, are you up for the game?

“I hope so,” he said.

Are you going to come?

“Yes. Tomorrow?”

So, it’s like you are playing the game after 4 years now. Isn't it?

“Yeah. It’s been a long time.”

Are you excited?

“Of course, Yeah.”

Where do we start?

“Right from the basics?” he said without any hesitation.
That’s the spirit.

Having seen this guy play for the school some 4 years ago, I was confident about this guy’s ability in bringing back the cup and the past glory back to the school.

15 years of losing streak in the same game and still we believe that we have a chance in bringing back the cup. All it requires is a bit of co-ordination and luck. To the top of it, a lead runner from the front.

It was during those days when Manish was looking after a nursery plant after he had failed to make it to the quarters of the central league.

It was not easy for him to get over the debacle, having realized his love for the game.

Ruckus in the team played a vital role in the team’s loss back then. Very unfortunate that Manish had nothing to do with that. There were politics everywhere.

It took Manish some 4 years to get over the losing thing in life and started to look at life with a different perspective. He also managed to clear CAT in the meantime and was waiting for the call to come.

But for Manish, Cricket had always come first. What come may.

The process has never been an easy one. The practice required a lot of equipment which the current team is not in a position to invest.

The path was never an easy one. Manish had to work shifts to make it for the other allowances.

20 days later, everything started to fall in place. Manish had got everything he required to make it to the game.

The confidence levels have got improved gradually and he was declared fit for the tournament.

Once, the tournament started, everything was clear to the opponents that some trouble is coming their way.

What followed next is a history.

Team led by Manish kept winning matches by a huge margin.

Had it not been for Manish, it wouldn't have been possible for the team to perform in such a tournament that has got a lot of hype across.

Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and then into Finals.

The team was unstoppable.

The team ended up winning the title.

And the happiness in the face of coach is something priceless.

Criticized the team for lack of skills and co-ordination.

But with Manish’s comeback into the team, everything has changed.
Looking at things positively is what Manish had taught people in the academy. – Said the coach.


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  1. Beautiful story with so huge display of optimism and hope. Great work, Jayanth! :)



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