Sunday, March 15, 2015

Together : 'We' Is Greater Than 'You' and 'I'

Together is always a great feeling. It reminds me that I am not alone in this world. Sometimes, a casual walk with a loved one is good enough to rejuvenate yourself in the best possible way. But, would you believe if I tell you that a 30 minutes time spent with my loved one changed my life altogether for good reasons?

Well, it has. I may not be a fortunate receiver of love all the time. But, situations like these made me a better person today.

More than ‘You and I’ I prefer to go with ‘We’. The happiness of being together can help one achieve anything with great confidence. That’s called the perks of being together. It’s such a powerful one!

Here’s how 30 minutes in a day changed my life forever!

We were on a course of shopping all the day for an event that holds high importance to ‘her’. Needless to say, she is one such a shopping freak.

I was there with her, like I do always. She has got that nice pair of earrings that goes perfectly well with her dress. I kind of loved the combination.

For me, it’s hard to shift the gaze. She’s god damn beautiful.

We then headed towards a food joint that serves the best of Indian foods. Being a foodie, I was all ready for the time to make it count. But what followed next left me flabbergasted.

The conversation was like,

“So, how far are we done with shopping?” I asked ‘her’ trying to initiate the conversation.

Though I’ve been going out with ‘her’ for a year, I still had this starting trouble.

“85% Maybe.” I am still in need of 3 pairs of fancy flip-flops for kids aged 12-14. She replied with a glow on her face. I always see that in her.

“Oh. For you eh?” I tried in a process of taking it a bit further.

“Nah.” Came the reply instantly.

“Okay. I got it. Must be for some personal people. Like for cousin types?” I very well know that, this is not taking me anywhere. But being bad at conversing puts me into situations like these.

“Once again Nah. I do it for charity and I send it to orphanages once in a year. ” Came the reply from her end.

It took me a minute to picture the situation. But in the realization phase, I came to know how to give it back to the society after all the little milestones we do set for ourselves in life. She tells me that, every year when she gets the bonus, half of that amount will be used this way by giving something back to the society.   

I was flattered. Not just once, but for a millionth time. The rest of the shopping didn't go one-sided. I did my part in contributing for the same. It was then, ‘We’ shopped together and have forwarded the goods to the nearby orphanage.

It was the first and the last outing I had with ‘her’. It may not be a big bashing one. But, a sensitive one and has moved me well enough. Ever since that day, my perspectives towards life had changed.

Some people never meant to be in your life forever. They come, they teach and they go.

For me, ‘her’ chapter is the same.

#Together #TogetherCanBringChange #TogetherIsAwesome #TogetherIsHappiness 

This brings you many such memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

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