Monday, February 9, 2015

Post New Year Happenings

Life post 2014 hasn't been an encouraging one till date. 2 months into it, but still, something is really missing out of life. Never ever thought of something like getting out of the 10-7 super cool job that was into for the last 16 months.

But out of the box, things tend to happen in life. Every single change that takes place will mess life up to the core. In fact, I was now experienced in this. Never thought of the night life. But now, it’s like mine for the next 6 months at least.

Being on the practical side of life, I always had different perspectives. Have a few milestones to reach. But at times there comes a feeling of being on the safer side by avoid the risk taking actions. Like, rushing into a job that holds not much of value. Working out on something that gives you nothing but some money to make a living. These, are the primary factors that keeps you inches away from snatching something that you really wanted in life. In literary terms they call it ‘taking that one extra mile’ to reach the destination. But most of us fail to take that.

I am no good at walking that one extra mile. Like others, I was like quite comfortable with what I have. But there has to be some change. The way people think and the way people look at things.

I had this feeling of working ass off at the age of 23. I presumed that 23 is the perfect age for experimenting and discovering one’s true calling. But what am I doing today? And what are we doing today?

Seriously, don’t you think you are being too serious at life? Don’t you have personal milestones to achieve? Dreams to fulfill? Life to enjoy? Think.

I am sorry but to tell you the fact, we have no fucking idea of what tomorrow had in stock for us. We seriously may die at any moment. Who knows? Sadly, people don’t realize this fact. Postponing something for tomorrow should never be the case. Be it an old saying, but ‘live like there is no tomorrow.’

Make savings. But never the whole. Take chances. Love people. Confess it to them. Live a life. Make a mark.

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