Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Missed Call.

Natasha, the heartthrob of the Presidency convent, lost her stardom, her pride and her boyfriend overnight, and had no idea what hit her.

She seeks revenge on the girl she suspects to have caused it all - Ananya. 

She is not going to take her downfall lying down. And now that she has her hands upon something that can ruin Ananya's life, she can't wait to have her vengeance. 

To gain back her pride, she aims to come out on tops in the most prestigious quiz competition in the city and accidentally teams up with her once-upon-a-time best friend Shreya. 

Shreya stays at a distance, and sees Natasha destroy herself in hatred, revenge and pain. 

It aches her to see her throw her life away like this. But what can she do about it?

The Backbenchers -The Missed Call! Traces the story of Natasha Malhotra, as she struggles with depression, suicidal tendencies, vengeance and the loss of social equity. 

Will she get her old life back?! 

Or will she destroy herself in the process?!


The Missed Call from The Backbencher series written by Sidharth Oberoi. Well, It was my second read from Grapevine India publishers. And 1st book I purchased for just 40bucks via Homeshop18. I've never got a book for such a great discount. Previously it was "The 3 Mistakes of My Life" by Chetan Bhagat which I sealed it for 48 bucks when the prices are at all-time lows. Soon after my purchase it went up to 98 and made constant by itself. 

As a matter of fact I've ordered this book without any hesitation just by seeing the price tag on it which showed Rs. 40. And soon realized that It was from Grapevine India and expected this to be a complete Romantic work as IINF. But It's not that romantic. 

The content connected well. Genre was good. A lucid way of writing. I completed reading it in just 3 sittings just because I take my time while reading. 

Shreya was so sweet and sensitive. Natasha had to face it all by her attitude. Ananya too sounded sweet. And some additional names like Rana, Yuvraj have played their role in the whole process. 

Kudos to the Author who made it an all-round performance by leading the readers to a ride which contains Love, Hatred, Fun, Relationships, Emotions. 

The way Natasha's parents drifted apart and the consequences after her mother left and the way her dad responds to her mischievous act of ending her life. All Framed well :)

The Quiz that took Natasha and Shreya back to their olden days. And the kind of thrill that placed over the competition. And finally I was taken by surprise with the result of the Quiz against Bishop. 

It was all-in-all a good read. And my impression towards Grapevine India went up to a great extent. 

Thank you Sidharth Oberoi.

Thank you Grapevine India. 

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