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Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu

Once again Power Star Pawan Kalyan (PSPK) is back with his latest flick "Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu" after hitting the Box office with "Gabbar Singh" the expectations on CGTR reached peaks under the direction of Puri Jagannadh.

Right after the movie screened at theaters the hungama went viral all over the states and overseas theaters too have no exception in that. The craze for PSPK is entirely different compared to other actors. The Charisma and Enigma of his acting shows up.

 Somewhere I felt like the movie lacked the kind of marketing before the release as I could sense the availability of tickets in Chennai city malls went drastically down. But soon recovered by the end of the day with house-full collections. And Thanks a hell lot to Telangana Supporters who stirred a political controversy on this flick. The movie now is on cards everywhere. Now theaters in chennai are running full just because of the controversy they have created made the local people to watch the movie for second time in a row.

Being an admirer of PSPK I've a take on his movies where some may consider and some may cut off with my opinion and I don't mind about all those after all.  I went watching up all his movies traveling for the least of 40kms to reach the locality where the movie was actually screened. And there are mixed situations where I felt extreme happy with the outcome. And utter disappointment with below par contents.

Well this CGTR has a very good content and directed in his own style where he adds extra bit of spice with item song and all the mass elements to satisfy every individual fan. And I must say that he full filled it in all aspects.

Tamannah's acting was little disappointing as it felt like she was trying to dominate Power Star. It's well known fact that people just come to Pawan's movie only to watch him but not for the others. They want him to be on screen for all those 180 odd mins and it fell way short of it in this one.

The dialogs in the movie were just fantastic. There is no point of tagging it to regional controversies. But they did. Part of Politics.

Some wordings from Pawan really made a lot sense which Includes " Saamaajika Baadhyata kante Vyakthigatha Baadhyatha mukyam!" and he cut the shot at the youth saying that blabbering about the issues happening must be seriously condemned. As you know words are easy to spray. But Action matters. 

Here are some Telugu Wordings from the movie: (Non-Telugu Readers I'm sorry for causing trouble)

రూపాయి సంపాదన లేనోడు కూడా PM తన కేబినెట్ లో ఏమి నిర్ణయాలు తీసుకోవాలో చెప్పేస్తున్నాడు..
జీవితంలో క్రికెట్ బాట్ ఎప్పుడు పట్టుకొని వాడు, సచిన్ ఆ ఓవర్ లో ఆ బాల్ కి ఏ షాట్ కొట్టాలో కూడా చెప్తాడు..
సొల్లు సొల్లు సొల్లు ఎదవా సొల్లు కబుర్లు...
కాసేపు దేశాన్ని తిట్టుకుంటాం , నాయకులని తిట్టుకుంటాం, ప్రభుత్వాని తిట్టుకుంటాం..........

అసలు ఎవడికి సోషల్ రెస్పాన్సిబిలిటీ లేకుండా పోయింది అని తెగ
నోక్కేసుకుంటాం ........
కాని మనం ఇక్కడ తెల్సుకోవాల్సింది ఏంటి అంటే సామాజిక బాధ్యత కంటే ముఖ్యమైంది వ్యక్తిగత బాధ్యత........ నువ్వు బాగుంటే దేశం బాగుంటుంది.

These are the points to be noted. (Makes sense) Isn't it.?! 

A simple Instance for what Pawan Kalyan's movies is all about. 


It's 2012 and it's CGR's 1st day at Hyderabad. (Source: Pawanism) 

I don't see any movies starting off in such a way. Pawan Deserves it all. 

Coming to the Involvement of fans I follow the updates of Pawanism on Facebook. I would like to personally thank the administrator of making it such huge with 30K+ followers and counting. Bro you run the best page on facebook. Such a hyperactive page that was. My Best wishes. Keep rocking. 

The first day I was at Rakki Cinemas (Chennai) and a guy at the popcorn counter asked me in his Tamil Accent. Who is the hero in the movie?! 

It's Power Start Pawan Kalyan I replied. 

Is he the hero in Gabbar Singh? And is this better than that? he questioned within a second span. 

Yes he is the Gabbar Singh of Telugu Film Industry and he is back with CGR. I replied. 

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