Thursday, October 11, 2012

English Vinglish.

It's all about Sri Devi Vs Angrezi  in English Vinglish. Similarly It's Hindi Vindi for me. Being a South Indian I strongly regret for ignoring Hindi for these 20 years in my life time. And now in a desperate situation looking around the corners to seize the opportunity of learning the language asap. Well, with the kind of movie making skills that the Bollywood directors acquires made me look over. And the limited number of movies that I watched in Hindi remains the Block Busters in their respective years. Starting with Lagaan, Chak De India, Taare Zammen Par, Slum Dog Millionaire, 3 idiots, Ra One, English Vinglish.

I chose to watch movies when someone says that it was doing good. I don't experiment much on watching movies with the word go as soon as it hit the screens. More Importantly I take a look at the movie description before taking a chance. (Especially the movies which are unknown to me)

While Watching the movie I thought of making a post on this and fell short of words to describe the way Gauri Shinde directed the movie. And I guess I'm not good enough to judge the Bollywood making as I'm not in to that scene for now. So I'm looking for my friend @ Twitter who taught me the basics of Blogger in the early Stage of my Blogging. That's (Abhilash Veeru Ruhela) One of the Best Blogger in India. He made a post on English Vinglish. And I'm here to recommend the post he made about the movie. 

Follow the link.

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