Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Break-up.

Man just leave me alone. I can't tolerate you anymore. You have done enough to me for the last 9 months and I just can't listen to your words. You are torturing me like anything. Mind your own business .Please go to hell. I ll never wish to see you again.

This is what Maggi managed to say her last words to Vicky after 9 month long relationship by leaving vicky in a state of absolute darkness. What wrong did vicky commit?! Why did he do that?! They are supposed to be the budding new pair in their college. What made them drift apart?! Will they never get back together?! 

Welcome to "The Break-up" where I take you to a super ride on how my love life went high with all colors flying and where it suddenly crashed down to earth. Life isn't rosy to me all the time. All I did was loving her badly and believing that she means the world to me. And Finally It paid off. 


April 15, 2012 (The Day I saw her 1st Time at College Library)

It's just another normal day in my life where I was roaming all around the campus with my mate "Jay" to figure out one good looking chick in a bunch of "ok-looking-girls". However Its almost like hoping against the hope. So we took the stair case way to reach Dept. of Eelectronics and Communication Engineering where we have a crew of Teaching staff who actually hailed from Madhya Pradesh. And here we are with Mr. Krish (Who currently handles the classes to my juniors) and this is when he started saying about the girl named "Maggi" a junior to me and basically she belongs to somewhere from Madhya Pradesh. 

Based on the credentials me and Jay started gathering the info by discussing it with the juniors in contact and that worked so nicely and I saw her on the same day at library. She looked like an angel to me with beautiful eyes and carefully carved nose and coming to lips they were fresh and fantastic. Huh. God! I'm totally Impressed with this girl. I said to myself. Meanwhile Jay was busy tracing out for someone who makes him feel interesting. However he don't have to look for someone as he deserve someone living around Trichy. 

I had a talk with her the very next day at the same library spot and she was surprised to see me introducing all by myself. She was good initially and all went alright at that point of time. She started responding to the kind of affection that I'm showing towards her and soon we exchanged email ids so that we can have a chat at least once in a day.  

June 27, 2012

Jay suddenly came running towards me and informed me about the dance competition that was about to held in our campus and I'm totally excited to prove my talent above all. And to my goodness "Maggi" was a classical dancer and I'm totally head over heels to see her performing on stage with me all around. This is going to be the euphoria which I came across by reading many books I thought. We had a long chats online and thanks to Gmail for providing me such a user-friendly online website. Soon we exchanged our numbers and there is no second thought of taking aback with this girl. I'm falling for her slowly. And there is nothing going around my mind except the day of the competition. I'm geared up and roaring to give my best shot. 

I tried to help her in the best possible way just to make sure that she is comfortable with my company and I'm Glad she liked it. All my friends came to know that I'm in love with her and they straight away wished me All the very best for selecting the best girl ever fits into my life. Everyday before I call it a day I used to talk to her on phone muttering all the happenings of the day and patiently listening to hers. She is so sweet to hear. Voice is her biggest asset. And I wonder how girls manage to be so sweet all the time. 

July 15th, 2012

Well, This is the day I'm eagerly looking for the last 15 odd days and It started up on a high node. I saw "Maggi" acknowledging me at the university campus. It felt so good. Actually I was totally tired by over doing the practice for the last 2 weeks and I can sense my legs paining and I'm no where going to carry my legs for the next 6-8 hours. I rushed towards the Registration counter to check the timing of my turn as I was one of the contenders of the day. I didn't even find my name in the enrolled list. I lodged a kinda protest there with some of my friends to include my name into the list. But they didn't listen to me. They said the schedule is fully packed and can't revise it. Instead they apologized me for some wrong happenings during the registration process. All the effort I've put on this totally went in vain. This can't happen to me really.  (I'm disappointed) 

Soon recovered from that debacle and looked around for "Maggi" and she was about to meet her mom at the dressing room. She dressed up nicely so as to make me love her more than anything else. She is goddamn beautiful I say.

An hour later the program started and I chose a perfect place to make sure I can visibly see the entire stage when Maggi make her way. I waited patiently for her turn to come and finally it came after 27 long minutes and I was looking out for my mobile to record it all while she is performing. And I covered it with my N8 and the best part is the application that I've downloaded last night was the best out of the best. The outcome was mind blowing.

That day she introduced me to her mom and we had a long chat through out and had lunch at the University canteen. I don't know. I'm getting very much close to this family. They are really nice people. I thought. I really liked being with this girl no matter what happens.

September 19th, 2012

My college life will come to an end with this academic year and everyone are pondering over what next?! The campus placements were just around the corner and all the toppers in my dept. got themselves immersed in solving deadly aptitude and trying their best to memorize the technical subjects in their area of interest. Some are looking for Govt. Jobs and some are just passing the time off. I've my own plans under stock. I'm planning to US to do MS. For that I even started with GRE Training which is a 3 days program in a week. Days are going very well by chatting and phone mutterings with "Maggi" and finally I end up conversation with her late night and collect some sleep with the rest of the night. I'm loving this feeling and living in it.

September 29th, 2012

I can see the world coming crashing down towards me suddenly as nothing is really going good between Maggi and me. May be misunderstandings are the part of any strong relationship. I've proposed her a long back that I would like to marry her once I set things right up. May be after 5 years from now. I don't think its a bad idea at all. She is skeptical with my proposal. I don't want to rush her to take any decision on it now. Though it's too early to take a call about wedding bells.

Her Birthday was on Oct 27th. and I tried my best to save sufficient bucks to gift her something which she might be surprised at. I revised the best gadgets online and opted to gift her a brand new Apple ipod touch with a capacity of 64GB which costs approx 24K. Certainly that was way out of my proportion but I made it. Just for her. She keeps listening to songs all time. We almost made a kinda marketing for the audio of "Andala Rakshasi" where the audio did well in the market than the movie. We loved listening to those songs.

October 2nd, 2012 

Well the blossoms of my love life shattered in just 10 days time and she started taking on me for reasons which no one can even wish to consider. She didn't even show interest to attend my calls. Not replying to the mails I did to her for the last 4 days. She hardly makes an eye contact with me at the bike parking bay. Everything seems to be not alright. Her friends are staring at me as if I had made out with some other girl under their direction. All of a sudden I landed in wholesome troubles and I've no idea why she is doing this to me.

I have planned a lot for her Birthday. I wanted this one to be one of the memorable Birthdays in her life till date. I even took an off day at college to shopping and bought the ipod that I thought of to present her on the day. But now she is shutting the doors on me. Why??!!

I didn't commit any mistake. We have had some quarrels and we soon ended up by cracking jokes at each other and there is no point of taking anything serious from those discussions. But something is bothering her. I need to know it all.

October 9th, 2012

I'm losing all my strength just by thinking a lot about her leaving my personal aspects into drain. I have not taken proper food for the last week days and I can feel the illness in me. I don't want to see a doctor. But Maggi is all I need. I need to talk to her. Sort out things between us and live happily as we are just a couple of months back. I need all that happiness back to me. Right now.

I called up Maggi while going to have my dinner and she answered my call finally. Oh! God. I'm thankful. I said. She didn't even wait for me to talk as she started gunning the bullets sharp and straight with the same agenda hurting me badly. This is how the conversation went.

Me: Hey Wassup?! Thanks for answering the call. I was dying actually.

Maggi: Listen. I don't want to talk to you now. Please leave me alone.

Me: What's bothering you dear?! Tell me. I really want to know it now.

Maggi: You are torturing me. Disturbing me. Please don't talk to me.

Me: Are you mad?! Am I torturing you?! I'm just loving you to peaks. You find wrong in that?!

Maggi: Yes. I used to be at Zenith in the beginning and you spoiled it completely. I'm hardly studying now.

Me: Ow. Do you think I'm letting you down and distracting you out of everything??!

Maggi: Yes.

Me: Don't say that. It's totally different. Love can't really distract you from your studies. Unless you don't  believe in you.

Maggi: I don't mind all those. I don't want you. please leave me alone.

Me: Wat else?!

Maggi: Nothing.

Me: Do you have anything left to say?!

Maggi: Don't call or mail me anymore.

Me: Fuck you. I did a real mistake loving you badly without knowing what you had to say to me finally.

Maggi: Mind your language.

Me: I admit it. It suits better. I've been so generous to you. But I never expected this. Lesson learnt.

Maggi: No response.

Me: I'm sorry for being rude. I ll talk to you later. Bye.

I don't have anything left to do now. Totally depressed. I had come across sleepless nights from then. I allowed myself to take sleeping pills not many but at least 1 a day to slip into sleep. Trying to leave her thoughts behind and hoping to have a clean snooze after all.

Finally the end titles has to be scrolled down for "The Break-up" If not the readers would take serious charges on me for brutally harassing them with this post.


The Author Speaks.

Hello everybody. Firstly I would like to appreciate your patience for reading my post. Fortunately I'm the Author for this one. The term Author itself gets me goosebumps. Coming to the story, The Idea of penning it down came very casually and I never thought I would make it this huge. Thanks to Vicky for making me write this one. I would largely appreciate your ego for giving me all the details that I require.

The phone conversation is an edited version even though that doesn't seems to carry anything in a productive manner I just wanted to portray how the conversations are being organized in a self manner with no point to talk about. And It shows. 

This is nothing less than a gripping story. Not every love story have a great ending. Some break-up with silly reasons and some break-up by having additional affairs and so and so. But this not of that kind. It has something unique of its own. They have been good for 9 months and all of a sudden she drops him down for the reason that she was unable to concentrate on her activities. As simple as that. It can even taken as lack of maturity.

At the end of the day All I can wish is they have to get back to normal. Realizing their errors and start a new life with the same kind of love they carried in the beginning. I hope they do.

Finally I've too many hopes resting on it that reader would surely like it. If you really like it. Thank you very much. If you don't like it. I'm really sorry for disappointing you. I ll come up better the next time.

Please make sure that you comment your views in the comment box so that it makes me feel like getting something out of it. I would really appreciate commenting. No matter whether it's positive or negative. I take it all.


  1. Very impressive.
    But reading d name 'The Break-up'xpectd a lill more stuff n lill more feel..

    neway..gud work..njoyd it
    keep it up !!

    Xpecting a lot more of dis genre 4m u !!;-)

  2. "The Break-Up" was quite normal story that everyone fall at least once in their lifetime. So no regrets. To the Original Cast in the story: Man you have a long way to go with. So try make a start, diving to the pool of life. You can pass by many angels around. Jayanth Majety you've done a good job narrating the whole part as of like a real penman. Keep doing. GodSpeed!!

  3. hey its ammazing....
    if ur start up is such pleasing,,,, woooo....w!! am eager to go for ur rest...
    i wish u a bright career ahead "author jayanth majety"....

  4. Great start up jay !!! well narrated... looking up for more and more :)

    Thumbs up !!!

  5. jay2...itz amazin..n t0uchin st0ry 2..=)
    damn cn fel it 2 hw hurted te man coz of te gal!
    bt tink so al wil 5n 1dy l8r..hmmmmmm
    nyway u done a gud job..kep it up!!

  6. wel everythng ws gud nd narrtin of stry ws just awsme...bt dat ph conversation makes me feel sad... little harsh to, bt it happns due da situation.... finally yeah..few lines fr u... grt job keep gng...man :) u wil rock... :)

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