Friday, October 19, 2012

And then It Rained.

Rain: The condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling visibly in separate drops. This is what google says about rain.

I believe this is the only area where google fails to satisfy people describing the true meaning of rain. We people know a lot about rain. And there are some block busters in every Industry which relate their movies on it. 

It gives us pleasure and rejuvenate us. More importantly it makes surroundings way better than it was before.

And here, there is a man so called Gaurav Dashputra who had something to say about a bloke named Aman and his relationship with rain in his 1st fiction titled "And then it Rained...Coz life ain't always a fairytale."

"Its better to let go of someone who loves you..than keeping him with you when you know you cannot be with him forever..."

This is what Aarti had told Aman a night before she left him forever...with nothing but those memories of the rains.

Rains have always been SPECIAL! And he believes that all bad things in his life will come to an end with the rains.

Nagpur...That is where Aman Sarin has lived all his life. That is where he dreamt that someday he would be the next big thing in Bollywood. 

After moving to Mumbai to pursue his education his life is nothing short of a fairytale..he has what most teenagers want..a great group of friends..the charm and the popularity..and to top it all a hot girlfriend. 

They say life is a viscous circle of sorrow and happiness. So what happens when Aman's fairytale goes wrong? What makes him the guy whom everyone hates...when once he was the guy everyone adored.

Will Aman put back the pieces of his life and rise above all else? Will his dream of filling SRK's shoes ever come true? 

But most importantly for Aman..after a rough summer..Will it Rain??


Firstly I would like to recommend this book to all adolescents out there. It's a perfect combo pack for readers as It contained love, emotions, romance what not?! The first 185 pages will raise you questions in your mind on why Aman is behaving in such a fashion?! And then the author breaks the silence in 186th page of the book which I predicted something like this might have happened ;)

Aman Sarin comes from nowhere to Mumabi to make sure all his dreams comes true when he joins at Dr. D.Y.Patil Medical college. He starts up well in his initial days to earn his own good name.  

The first love days with Aarti, followed by Riya's where I had a second thought of working out with distance relationship. However It didn't really happen to me. Not a happy ending in this one too.

The GOA trip of the trio was fabulous where one has to surely make their way to such a trip in his/her lifetime where you can cherish those memories for a long long time.

Aman was dejected at the end. He lost the plot completely at one point of time. Such a funny guy with crazy acts made a lot sense in the book. And his sudden dismissal made me feel bad.

Kudos to Author for making this one. Even though every story don't have a happy ending the authors keep changing the slot of the genre and make some modifications to sound good with a happy ending just to get the appraisal of the readers as everyone wish to end the book on a happy node. However this man is against all odds. He made his point clear and conveyed what he actually wanted to say. It's a risk to take up that task after whole lot of writing. I liked this one a lot :) 

Fortunate thing is It's raining cats and dogs out here at Chennai where I settled down before my desktop and writing a review post on "And Then It Rained" with a hot hot samosa's under fantastic climatic conditions.

And here we go. 

Gaurav Dashputra: 


Thank you :)

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