Friday, July 6, 2012

On a working Thursday.

It's already 3 years since I entered into the campus of  Vel Tech Engg. College for the 1st time. My College is well known for it's placement opportunities unless you clear all your subjects by the time of "Campus Recruitment" which usually happens at the end of 3rd year and early in the Final Year of Graduation.

 Oh!! Yes. I now Progressed into Final Year. One weird thought of taking a look back at entire 3 years of my Engg. Life insisted me to make this post ahead of many interesting topics that intended me to publish in the recent times.

July 5th 2012 on a Terrible Thursday a Bloke named "Suresh Babu" who handles Mobile Communications  eloped on stage to teach us the concept of "MAC" (Apple Freaks it's not an Apple MAC but a MAC in MC) This is where he started Taking on.

Basically he is reasonably good at making clear cut concept but he don't wish to involve for so long time in subject oriented discussions. ;)

Here is the man that I'm speaking about.

Looking Great. Isn't he??

Usually this man says that it's quite simple to get passed (or) Score easy marks in Exams. And i never thought this would be that easy. 
He ignited a spark in me with his words.

Which Goes This way----> You get 6 subjects in each semester.
                                           Course Period will be 90 days.
                                           Each Subject will be allotted with 15 days.
                                           You write the Exam for 180 minutes.
                                           Your Paper will be valuated in just 3 minutes.

 Crazy Stats!! That Moved me. He is indeed a Great Analyst. The above proves it all.

One need to capture the sense of Learning or Analyzing the best way to get on to the safer zone.

So I'm looking forward to Apply the technique in coming exams. Coz I'm such a guy who never experienced a late-night study during exams. I find an easy way better to get passed. ;)

As I unleashed the credentials of my College. Here is the Pic of Fantastic four of IT Dept.

1st left is Mr. P. Robert. Head of the Dept. IT and Next to him is Mr. Manikandan (Asst. Professor), Mr. Suresh Babu (Man Behind this Post) Asst. Professor as well. And Great looking man behind is Mr. R.Prabu (Asst. Professor) Some Blazing Great Guns of my Dept.

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