Sunday, July 29, 2012

"BANG"ALORE Hungama.

Once in a Life time Opportunity, One has to work in such buildings which are scattered over 80 acres in Electronic City, Bangalore. This is where Infosys Head-Quarters resides. I never saw such Huge Buildings till date. And this could be the one to be framed.

There was a Hustle Bustle Situation on whether It's Worth going 2 Bangalore or not?? Considering the fact that 900 bucks is not an easy go in a situation where I am. And with some sensible words from my friends and my father made me Say the word "Go". I now feel really good to take part in this visit.

3 Reasons took me to Infosys. 1. I've never been to Bangalore before. 2. I don't think I ll be entering the campus of Infosys Head-Quarter's later on. 3. Thinking on Blog Perspective. All fell on one plane yet again.

Infosys Proclaims!!

Tour started off with great excitement and it equally balanced all aspects and we are set to make our way to Bangalore. Guys are screaming at top of their voices to make a possible rescue operation as Audio player in the bus failed to add the extra spice that we need. OMG!! My classmates are such Energetic! They remained Active enough all the night. Finding girls stepping out to mix a step with fellow friends at early hours of 21st morning left me puzzled. I seriously don't know what they had previous night. Everyone seemed Hyperactive.

Here is where we had a break. (Approximately 30mins) That's Really cool. Chilling Indeed.

Here we go. The Back Bencher's of IT. They are the assets of  our Dept. I feel so. They make all the Fun. And Industrial Visit without them is of no use.

We then settled back into our respective seats and Bus Started Rooting to Hosur where we are accommodated in a private Lodge named "Shakti Lodge" Which looked totally Horrendous. Somehow managed to recharge ourselves for Big Time.

We are Back with a Photo Shoot. More Importantly I feel it Mandatory to get the best clicks to insert them in my post.

Now It's Time for The First Bencher's It's My Crew!!

Finally made it to Infosys an hour late. (No Probs) They welcomed us with a warm smile. And Treated us with Coffee and biscuits. We walked straight into Auditorium 2.

This Bloke named "Vidya Sagar Panati" started with History of Infosys with some PPT's and Video playbacks. They were really good. 14 working hrs a day for 3-5 years behind Infosys Success. Not an overnight process. Kudos to Infosys Narayana Murthy and other Board of Directors.

  Pick sealed from Infosys Toastmasters.

The 2nd session started on a high. There's another guy who hailed from Madurai. A Certified speaker in American Accent. Took his time to adjust with Indian Accent. Handled the session Titled "Group Discussion"

  I'm fortunate enough to take my part in GD and felt blessed to learn something from him. They often said "What you want to take home from this Visit" I took quite a few snaps in such huge campus. At least a single nugget of knowledge for sure.

Another Interesting part of this Company is that the means of Traveling from one block to another block is not by any Bus (or) Cab. It's a Bi-Cycle. Surprised.

Cycles ordered perfectly. Only for Infosys Employees but not for visitors.

This is where we had our Lunch. There are many as such Canteens. Every canteen looks similar to the other.

 We had to take a 10-15mins walk to reach the Canteen from the block we are in. Mean while I went busy clicking the surroundings. 1st time in the last 3 years I had my lunch with no Sambar Including. Thanks!! :)

After lunch we had our Final Session which went on What IT is all about?? And Then they took us for Campus Tour where some more snaps are clicked. :D

Blocks of varied Shapes and sizes.

Bangalore Climate at it's very best.

Greeny all over. Guess how hard Is it to Maintain all these??

All I can say is I don't get an Idea of working abroad when I get into Infosys Bangalore. No words to define. Totally Dumbstruck.

Finally a Big Round of Applause to everyone who took part in this visit.  I'm sure the SPARK They Ignited will bring out the hidden talents.

India is a land of Billion Sparks. And These people are in a course of making it.

Infosys Spark Team.

 21st July 2012 at Infosys Bangalore will be remembered for years to come.

Thank you Infosys!! :)

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