Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Life. My Crush.

Life is all bout ups and downs and I'm no where exception in that. In-fact it took a roller coaster ride over me for the last 4 years. Here is a precise note on My Life, where I thought of turning it as an Interesting Blog Post.

I never thought of finding myself in a position where I am today. I never expected that I ll be rushing out of the city where I loved to make the most since my childhood. All of a sudden things started changing drastically in my life. Suddenly I found myself in Chennai where I have no idea what's happening around me.

Most embarrassing situation comes when you realize that you are going to make up time with your fellow mates who hardly knows other languages expect Tamil. (I was totally scared by knowing the fact). :( :(

It took me nearly 6-8 months to get out of that Hardcore Situation. Then I started looking around to make a sense that I still Exist.

I'm Such a "Dud" Coz I have no idea who are my fellow people in my College Rolls.

Here comes the Official Introduction about "My Crush" as the Title Proclaims.

She entered my life when I'm totally blinking at my all time bottom Lows. I flattered to the least in a single attempt.

She is Beautiful, Pretty, and I'm sorry I have no words to describe her. Just loved the way she looks. The way she dresses herself is simply Amazing!! :) I had no alternative thought of expecting a "Tamil Ponnu" who hailed from a Village/ Town of Tamil Nadu  dressing such nicely. <3 First Impression is always the best one. And I started loving her irrespective of knowing the unacceptable fact that she hates me right from the beginning for absolute no reason. :( :(

April 25th 2010 Is a kind of a day, I cannot forget it for the years to come. The first time she had a good-bye conversation with me. Which Pinned me Real Hard down to earth.

I felt her as a ray of hope in my Life. But never expected that this would wipe off so soon just after the start. 

I was totally Clueless. What made it took a disastrous outburst.  Why she don't like me??? Questions started scrolling in my mind saying "Why should she like you"??? Some weird questions rolled too. Finally I had nothing to Answer but It's time for a Soup Song!! :)  (There is no Kolaveri-Di that time :P ;)

My Pic Before "Crush"  (I mean it as Heartfelt Happiness)

After Disastrous Outcome I started hating myself for my position.

I laugh uncontrollably at this pic when ever I see. Trying 2 give the best smile under difficult circumstances.

Started with some spiritual Intake and Motivated myself by saying "What ever Happens Life has to move on" :)

Students in my class are really good at Academics and I felt lost of competing with them in anyway. And that Ignited me a sparkling Idea which eventually turned me up completely.

Started Reading Books of Chetan Bhagat. (India's Best Selling Novelist) His Fiction "Two States"  sealed Top spot in my Favorites list. Followed by Preeti Shenoy (My True Inspiration who led me 2 Start Blogging) And Now Durjoy Datta, Nikitha Singh and a Few more. Really Awesome writers.

Somehow managed to Recover from a rare cause of depression by getting immersed into these novels. They helped me a hell lot in rescue.

At the end of the day I have few things left unsaid.

I do not know whether you are tied up with some other guy.

If so.I ll be the most Unfortunate Guy to miss you :( As I Loved you. :(

U could deal me in a better way than you opted. :( The words you made to me "Not at all Interested to talk with you" Still hurts me badly.

I never did anything wrong to you.

 I always wish to happen good for you. Coz That's what True love is all bout.

If you speak to me I feel like winning the world.

 Wish we could end up at least as a good mates. :)

Some Kind words is all what I expect from you :)

Lots of  Love.


 My Class Pic:


  1. hey jayanth..!!
    u knw smdng ,ur blog is so nice,n espcly ur MY LIFE ,MY CRUSH ...!,u knw i read dis many times..,the flavour wich u carry is actually awesome ..
    i guess shortly wid in few years ,i can xpect u to becum a writer n ofcourse wid the title "MY FIRST SOUP SONG" like chetan's "TWO STATES"
    n the essence of the wordz "If you speak to me I feel like winning the world"...really takes to peaks ra.....!!!

  2. Hahaha. Thanks a TON Shivika. Glad you liked it :) With all your support I keep writing :):)

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  4. awsme line's dude.... i just lved it ...readng ur blog ws such a nice thng... :) nd yes u can bcme a wrtr if u focus on it... nd dis ws my al time fav block frm nw... :)

  5. the way u said is just awesome....

    Hope U r future will be fine and wish u a very good luck :)


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