Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rajamouli's Eega Intensifies.

Eleven years in Indian Telugu Cinema. 8 hits which includes films like Simhadri, Vikramarkudu and Magadheera. Some of them Proved to be Block Buster's in Hindi and Tamil. And this is what SS Rajamouli’s track record so far and once again he smashes a home run with his latest film Eega.

I rushed around 30Km to reach the Brand New Spectrum Mall at Chennai where Satyam Cinemas unleashed a 5 screen Multiplex with Varied Interiors. (They are really Stunning). I let out a huge sigh of relief after knowing that movie is yet to get start. We then settled into our seats and waiting for EEGA's Buzz after long wait.

And then EEGA Buzzing is on here. 

I had a great doubt on how Telugu Audience can wish to Accept the movie where Hero dies in the 1st 20mins after the Start. And How come one housefly can take on the responsibility of proceeding further.??

I was in a sheer shock to see such a greatness in Computer Graphics where it never made me feel as a Graphical work. Instead it made me feel lively. (Kudos to EEGA VFX and Technical Crew) You people deserve hell lot of wishes.

The film scores high in terms of technical aspects as well. Right from M M Keeravani’s stunning background score, Senthil’s cinematography to Makuta’s top notch VFX, everything falls in place for the film. Ultimately, it’s an S S Rajamouli’s film and he deserves all the applause for pushing the envelope even higher with Eega.

 A master storyteller that he is, a film like Eega would have required a director with a lot of passion and commitment to deliver something unique. Rajamouli does all that with panache.
Set aside the notion that Eega is based on a ridiculous concept, it’s one hell of a ride which you shouldn’t miss. Two big thumbs up for Eega and the entire team behind the film. It’s one of the best Telugu films in recent times and it’s likely to remain so till Rajamouli makes his next film.
 On a Weekend Saturday This #EEGA Started Creating Sensations at Box Office. 

 HIT (fly repellent) tho eegani kodatharu maamulu janaalu. EEGA tho HIT kottaadu Rajamouli.

 Screen-4 at S2 Cinemas, Chennai. (First Telugu movie to be Screened in S2)

Man Behind EEGA. (SS RajaMouli) 

Now it's a Trilingual movie. Released in Telugu as EEGA, Nan EE in Tamil and EEcha in Malayalam. 

Will be Released as "Makkhi" In Hindi this December. And that will be 3D version. Excited!!! 

Fantabulous film overall.

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